Concurrent Rolls Out 2.2GHz Pentium 4 Processor-M cPCI Board

7/1/2003 - Concurrent Technologies is pleased to announce a competitive single-slot Pentium 4 System/Peripheral CompactPCI board that provides a 64-bit and 66MHz CompactPCI interface together with 64-bit and 66Mhz PMC interface. The PP 200/01x uses either a 2.2GHz or 1.7GHz Intel® Pentium 4 Processor-M and supports a 400MHz front side bus, 512 Kbytes of high-speed L2 cache and NetburstTM Microarchitecture.

“The PP 200/01x is designed as a low cost, high performance board”, said Jane Annear, Commercial Director, “The high performance and wealth of features mix makes it an attractive board in today’s CompactPCI market place”.

The PP 200/01x features the ServerworksTM Grand ChampionTM LE System I/OTM core logic, up to 2 Gbytes 200MHz DDR SDRAM (with ECC), Ultra-160 SCSI interface, a 64-bit 66MHz PMC site and three Gigabit Ethernets. The board supports PICMG® 2.16, PICMG 2.9, PICMG 2.1, 33/66MHz CompactPCI signaling and can operate in any slot or as a satellite board. The PP 200/01x’s design caters for a variety of high performance applications, including those requiring extended temperature or blank front panel versions.

As well as the three Gigabit Ethernets, Ultra-160 SCSI and PMC interfaces, the PP 200/01x also features 8 Mbytes Application Flash and an EIDE interface with an installed EIDE connection to an on-board CompactFlashTM site. There are EIDE options for an on-board 2.5-inch disk drive (up to UDMA100) or dual CompactFlashTM/IBM® MicrodriveTM carrier. Other features provided are a PC real-time clock, floppy disk interface, 2 RS232 channels, 2 USB ports, parallel printer port, watchdog timer, keyboard/mouse interface, and a Silicon Motion® SM722 graphics interface including DVI-D support.

For increased reliability, as with all Concurrent Technologies’ designs, a passive heat sink is used in preference to a fan for cooling the CPU. To facilitate applications requiring rear I/O connections, the PP 200/01x uses the optional AD PP4/001 transition module.

For ease of integration, the PP 200/01x supports many of today’s leading operating systems, including Linux®, Windows® XP, Windows® 2000, Windows NT®, VxWorks® and QNX®. LAN boot firmware is also supported.

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