Mobilando, Commil to Create Lighting Control System with Bluetooth

6/30/2003 - Mobilando, a supplier of communication and multimedia applications, and Commil, a leading developer and manufacturer of Bluetooth network infrastructure, have joined forces to develop and market a revolutionary lighting control system.

The system, called BlueSkyTM, incorporates the intellectual properties of the parties creating an “end-to-end” solution for the monitoring and controlling lighting systems. A wireless power control module, jointly developed by Mobilando and Commil, is installed at each lamppost, enabling utility companies to experience up to 40% energy saving, while enhancing their control over the lighting systems. In addition, the BlueSky system will enable value added services to clients using standard, off-the-shelf, mobile devices such as PDAs and cell-phones equipped with the Bluetooth chip.

“The development of a new, revolutionary lighting control system was identified as an opportunity for our clients to save costs while improving the level of service they provide. We have looked at different wireless technologies and chose Bluetooth since it was the most cost effective solution, and it presents an opportunity for our clients to provide value-added services”, said Maria Gabriella Caracci, CEO of Mobilando S.r.l. “Commil was selected to be our strategic partner in the BlueSky project due to its unique capabilities and know-how in designing sophisticated Bluetooth networks.”

Mobilando and Commil will deploy a BlueSky network of 70 nodes in the city of Velletri (near Rome) on July 2003. This BlueSky trial network will allow control of each lamppost, and detection of light failures. It will enable users to send images and messages from mobile phones and mobile computing devices, through the network.

"We are pleased to partner with Mobilando to deliver this advanced control system. During the past three years, Commil developed unique networking abilities for the Bluetooth wireless technology”, says Lior Rapaport, Commil's VP of Business Development. “Our marketing strategy is to work closely with strategic partners by providing them with the essential Bluetooth wireless technology enabling them to create a turnkey solution. Our work with Mobilando is in line with this strategy, and represents an opportunity to expand the reach of Bluetooth wireless technology from cable replacement to a reliable networking solution for the industrial market.”

About Mobilando
S.r.l. Mobilando, an Italian private company, was established in late 2002 by highly experienced professionals in telecommunication and finance. Mobilando has the mission of making solutions best fit the characteristics of each of its partners for innovative value proposition and new business models over the communication world and the mobile Internet. For more information, visit Mobilando on the Internet:

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