Teja Supports RadiSys’ ENP-2611 Packet Processing Engine

6/26/2003 - Teja Technologies Inc., a leading supplier of network processor software, announced that its award-winning software platform for the Intel® network processor (NPU) product line, Teja NP, will support and interoperate with RadiSys’ ENP-2611 Packet Processing Engine. Based on the Intel® IXP2400 NPU, RadiSys’ ENP-2611 Packet Processing Engine is a PCI board-level product designed to serve as the foundation for next-generation telecommunications systems, including routers, bridges, VPN appliances and firewall gateways.

As a result of its alliance with Teja, OEMs using RadiSys’ board and Teja NP will be able to design, test and ship high-performance networking products in considerably less time compared with the alternative of hand-coding software for the ENP-2611’s on-board NPU.

"Systems OEMs are quickly embracing the idea that in order to lower costs and speed time to market, they need to focus their development efforts on their unique value-add and avoid 're-inventing the wheel’ whenever and wherever they can," stated David Stepner, Teja Technologies’ president and CEO. "The combination of RadiSys’ ENP-2611 hardware and Teja NP software provides these OEMs a powerful pre-integrated platform that gives developers the tools to customize and optimize the performance of their designs in the shortest amount of time."

Teja’s unique approach to embedded networking applications greatly simplifies development of software for the parallel, multiprocessing architecture of Intel NPUs. Teja NP consists of an Application Development Environment, Network Processing Operating System (NPOS), and a library of foundation application building blocks, including TCP Termination and IPv4 Forwarding. Additional applications developed with Teja NP, such as ATM, are available from Teja Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Teja NP is also compatible with the Intel IXA Portability Framework, enabling interoperability with "microblock" software modules from Intel and third-party party developers.

"Teja NP greatly augments the development capabilities of OEMs using our ENP-2611," stated Venkataraman Prassanan, senior director with RadiSys. "The versatility of the ENP-2611 and Teja NP allow OEMs to create their custom functionality quickly and cost-effectively, with the advantage of starting development from a working software base."

In order to effectively program the highly parallel, multiprocessor architecture of NPUs, Teja NP adds to standard ANSI C the necessary extensions to address the concepts of multiple threads, memory spaces and communications channels. Applications created with Teja NP are hardware-independent and are separately mapped to the various resources of the target hardware configuration, resulting in the generation of optimized production code for the target system.

Teja NP gives developers the option to program in either C-based textual format or to use its GUI Application Development Environment. Teja NP’s flexible mapping and integrated debug facilities enable developers to quickly resolve performance bottlenecks and optimize performance of the entire NPU-based system. Teja NP is optimized to take full advantage of the various configurations of embedded control processors (Intel® XScaleTM technology), microengines, execution threads, registers, memories and other key hardware features that are unique to the IXP2400, IXP2800 and IXP2850 network processors.

Reusing applications across multiple products or across generations of NPUs simply requires reassigning the application logic to the resources of the new target chip. The resulting benefits of using Teja NP include accelerated time —to market, reduction in engineering risk and, most importantly, reliable, high-performance products that provide OEMs with a first-to-market advantage. Teja NP support for the RadiSys ENP-2611 board will be available in July 2003.

A demonstration/evaluation copy of Teja NP is currently shipping with Intel’s distribution of the Intel IXA SDK 3.0. Interested parties can see a demonstration of Teja’s latest release, Teja NP 3.1, at the Network Processor Conference East, June 24-26th in booth # 307.

About Teja
Teja Technologies, located in San Jose, Calif., is a privately held software company developing the industry’s first advanced network processor software development platform. Teja’s NP software will save systems vendors money and speed their products’ time —to market, providing a significant competitive advantage in today’s fast moving networking markets. Teja is backed by world-class investors, including Blueprint Ventures, Intel Communications Fund, Mayfield, RRE Ventures, Tallwood Venture Capital and Viventures. For additional information on Teja Technologies, visit the company’s website at www.teja.com.

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