Atmel Doubles Cordless Reach with 2.4-GHz DCT Chip Set

6/26/2003 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the availability of a new 2.4-GHz DCT chip set, consisting of the LNA/ PA IC T7026 and the transceiver IC T2803. It is especially designed for cordless phones, while also being used for wireless data applications such as internet access, wireless headsets, games and home entertainment. This new chip set enables an extended distance between the handset of a cordless phone and the basestation. Current solutions can bridge a distance of usually 300 meters, this new chip set can reach up to 600 meters.

This chip set offers the wireless systems designer outstanding flexibility. The T2803's variable data transmit bit rate allows to adjust to any data transmit bit rate in a range of 9.6 kbit/ s to 1.152mbit/ s. This results in an excellent sensitivity, reflected in the lab-tested sensitivity at 1.152 Mbit/s of -95 dBm, and at 576 kbit/s of about -98 dBm. This enables the base station to support up to 10 handsets (multiple handset function), whereas competitive products, using fixed data transmit rates, can only handle up to a maximum of 4 handsets.

The T7026 provides a power output of 28 dBm and includes a power control system, which can be controlled by the software to reduce the current consumption. "On top of the exciting distance extension and the multiple handset function, customers will enjoy the extended operating time due to the low current consumption" said Ahmad Lindenberg, Marketing Manager Cordless Phone ICs at Atmel.

For the transceiver IC T2803, an open-loop modulation architecture has been used since many customers have in-depth experience with this modulation scheme.

For cordless phone applications, any DECT baseband controller is suited to operate along with the new chip set. For wireless data applications, a baseband controller, e.g. Atmel's AVR® microcontroller, can be used.

Samples of the new 2.4-GHz DCT chip set in QFN48 (T2803) and QFN20 (T7026) packages are available now. Pricing starts at US$ 5.70 (T2803, 10 k) and US $ 2.80 (T7026, 10 k).

DCT = Digital Cordless Telephone
DECT = Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone
LNA = Low Noise Amplifier
PA = Power Amplifier

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