Sybase, Sun Data Wharehouse Technical Paper Arrives with Winter

6/25/2003 - Citing the "do more with less" challenge of many of today's large-scale data warehouses, the Winter Corporation issued a white paper examining and interpreting the results of recent benchmark tests of Sybase IQ 12.5 deployed on Sun servers and storage systems. The tests, on database sizes ranging from 100 gigabyte to 1 terabyte, were conducted using the TPC BenchmarkTM H (TPC-H), the industry standard benchmark for decision support applications. In other announcements, Sybase (NYSE: SY) Inc., a leading enterprise integration company, announced general availability of Sybase IQ 12.5, the highly scalable analytical engine and Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced the complete results of TPC-H benchmarking tests.

The authors of "Demonstrating Efficiency in Large-Scale Data Warehousing," Richard Winter and Rick Burns, observe that "the recent economic downturn has not caused a slowdown in the growth of data warehouses," citing the business need to focus on extracting more value from existing operations and on gaining fresh insight into customer behavior, supply chain optimization, and other aspects of current business operations. "It is simply not acceptable, however, to achieve linear scalability in database performance at a similarly linear increase in system acquisition and administrative costs," warn the authors. "More than ever, businesses need dramatic increases in price-performance of their database systems."

According to Winter and Burns, the new TPC-H benchmark results "reveal a compelling value proposition for partnering Sun servers and storage systems with Sybase IQ database software to address large-scale data warehousing needs. The combination yields three primary resource efficiencies - storage efficiency, remarkable I/O efficiency, and laudable query processing efficiency - that together yield unparalleled price-performance and low cost systems that are easier and less expensive to maintain. In addition, the Sun-Sybase IQ advantage grows as the benchmark scale increases."

More information and a complete copy of the Winter Corporation white paper, "Demonstrating Efficiency in Large Scale Data Warehouses: a review of new TPC-H results for the Sun-Sybase IQ Platform," are available at

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