Telson Selects ParthusCeva's XpertTeak for 2.5G, 3G Cellular Handsets

6/25/2003 - ParthusCeva, Inc. (Nasdaq: PCVA, LSE: PCV) the leading licensor of digital signal processors (DSP) cores and platform-level Intellectual Property (IP) to the semiconductor industry, announced that Telson Electronics Co., Ltd. (2735: KQ), a leading Korean developer and manufacturer of mobile multi-media phones for the world's leading handset suppliers, has licensed ParthusCeva's XpertTeakTM System-on-Chip (SoC) platform for the development of its 2.5G and 3G baseband modem solutions. Telson, which has a strategic ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) relationship with Nokia, will be targeting US and Chinese cellular handset manufacturers with these next generation wireless modem solutions.

Telson has licensed the XpertTeak for its GSM / GPRS / W-CDMA modem solutions which will be offered in single, dual or single/dual modes. XpertTeak is a complete DSP sub-system, built around ParthusCeva's low-power, high-performance Teak DSP core, that integrates the complete range of system peripherals including memory sub-system, DMA, input/output devices, among others. Delivered as a pre-integrated DSP sub-system, XpertTeak provides Telson with significant cost, time-to-market and performance advantages over the more traditional approach of licensing a core without the associated sub-system peripherals already integrated. ParthusCeva is the world's number one licensor of DSP architectures to the semiconductor industry with two-thirds market share (Gartner-Dataquest 2003).

"Telson's goal is to become a global leader in the mobile multimedia arena. Our licensing of XpertTeak will enable us to rapidly develop and deploy best-in-class and functional rich wireless modem solutions," said Nam-Su, Han, President of Telson Electronics. "In addition to our current products, we are close to releasing products for future IMT-2000 and W-CDMA devices, and ParthusCeva's XpertTeak offers us the right path to move forward."

"Telson's adoption of our DSP architecture expands our presence in the growing cellular markets of China and US," said Chet Silvestri, CEO of ParthusCeva. "The XpertTeak DSP subsystem offers cellular handset partners like Telson an ideal platform for developing their next generation terminals quickly and efficiently."

About XpertTeak
Built around ParthusCeva's widely adopted Dual MAC Teak DSP Core, XpertTeakTM is a complete licensable solution of a low power, low cost, programmable DSP based (SoC) designed for the embedded application markets. XpertTeak meets semiconductor and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) vendors' growing need for low power, low cost, programmable DSP subsystem platforms for applications such as wireless baseband and application processing, digital cameras, consumer and professional audio, VoIP applications and other emerging markets.

As a licensable design, fully synthesizable and process independent, it can be furthered incorporated into a highly integrated SoC. XpertTeak is based on ParthusCeva's programmable Teak® DSP Core with all required hardware peripherals. It incorporates on-chip data and program memories, high performance Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller, Buffered Time Division Multiplexing Port (BTDMP), high throughput Host Processor Interface (HPI) and others.

With a large network of third party companies offering application tools and design services solutions, XpertTeak suits a variety of DSP applications such as Voice over Packets, Image, Video, Audio, Speech and Cellular.

About Telson
Since establishment in 1992, Teslon has been constantly guided by the catchphrase "Nothing But New (Ever New)." Telson's technology has been credited for the world's first Wide Area Pager System (WAPS) and CDMA WAP Browser. Furthermore, Telson has become a backbone company of the radio telecommunication industry in Korea due to its massive production of mobile handsets, including world's famous brands such as Motorola and Nokia, as part of strategic coalitions.

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