Atmel Rolls Out Ultra Low Power ASK Receiver IC for Tire Monitoring

6/25/2003 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the availability of its new ultra low power ASK receiver IC. The ATA5283 provides the industry's best trade off in terms of minimum current consumption and maximum sensitivity. Furthermore, it is the smallest available device for 125 degree C applications, such as tire pressure monitoring.

The new IC is designed for use in tire pressure monitoring modules where it wakes up the TPM module and enables data programming during production and tire change during service. Remote triggering and programming is usually done in a distance of about 2 meters. Due to this, TPM systems are not based on short-distance triggering solutions but on LF receivers. The ATA5283 operates in the range of 2.0 V to 4.2 V over temperatures of -40 to 125 degree C. It can withstand environmental temperatures on battery supply up to 175 degree C for short intervals.

To comply with automotive manufacturers' standards, a TPM module must have a minimum life time of 10 years. Since the integrated battery in such modules cannot be replaced, low current consumption is a must for TPM applications. The LF receiver ATA5283 is constantly in standby listening mode and monitors for a signal originating from the car or from a base station. The device switches off the TPM module when it is not needed to extend the module's battery life time and wakes up the module only if a valid preamble has been detected. The ATA5283's current consumption in listening mode with a sensitivity of 1 mV rms is as low as 1 microampere typ., while competing products have current consumption at least 3 times highter.This combination is unique in industry.

Another key requirement in TPM applications, which is addressed by this new device, is small outline and low weight. Since the high speed of a car wheel causes enormous centrifugal forces, a TPM module needs to be very small and may not exceed a weight of 35 grams. "We are proud to announce with the TSSOP8-packaged ATA5283 the world's smallest available stand-alone TPM IC for 125 degree C systems. Up to now, the smallest possible 125 degree C TPM products were only available in TSSO16 packages", Torsten Mann, Marketing Director for Automotive and Control products at Atmel, said. "Its high performance regarding current consumption and sensitivity, along with its cost-effectiveness, will help TPM system makers to manufacture high-performance solutions at a reasonable price. In the future, cars with TPM systems will not be a luxury feature but a common standard."

For correct signal demodulation, an appropriate internal signal amplitude is needed. To control the input signal, the ATA5283 has a built-in digital AGC to amplify the input signal from the coil. The AGC regulates the internal signal amplitude according to the reference value. With its dynamic range of 60 dB, the AGC can handle both very large and very small input signals from 1 mV rms to 1000 mV rms. To prevent the circuit from unintended operation in noisy environments, a valid preamble signal with a minimum of 192 periods is necessary to activate the AGC circuit. It requires up to 512 carrier periods for the settling. Short interrupts, which are suppressed by the signal conditioner, are tolerated. The ATA5283 supports ASK modulation (PWM, Manchester and Bi-Phase) with a data baud rate up to 4 kbit/s. The data communication to the microcontroller occurs via a serial interface. In addition to data reception and decoding, the serial data interface can also be used to program set-up information into the microcontroller during production. Samples of the ultra low power ASK receiver IC ATA5283 in TSSOP8 packages are available now. Pricing starts at US$ 1.00 (10 k).

AGC = Automatic Gain Control
ASK = Amplitude Shift Keying
LF = Low Frequency
PWM = Pulse Width Modulation
TPM = Tire Pressure Monitoring

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