Cadence, Silicon Metrics Create Delay Models for Liberty Format

6/25/2003 - Cadence Design Systems, Inc. and Silicon Metrics announced development of nanometer-ready delay models based on extensions to the LibertyTM model format. The effective current source models (ECSM) can be created by Silicon Metrics' SiliconSmartTM library characterization tool and used by Cadence's nanometer delay calculator SignalStormTM, the common delay calculation engine of the Cadence(R) EncounterTM platform. This announcement is the result of close cooperation between the two companies in establishing the characterization requirements, model format definitions, and model qualification.

ECSM models have been shown in customer tests to provide superior accuracy, often within 2% of SPICE models, and are particularly well suited to modeling the voltage (IR) drop impact on delay that has a major influence on timing at 180 nanometers and below. When used by SignalStorm in conjunction with VoltageStormTM IR drop analysis and CeltICTM crosstalk analysis, ECSM models provide the cornerstone of Cadence's electrical signoff flow.

Until now, creating ECSM models required a separate timing characterization process and a binary format. By extending the Liberty format, Cadence and Silicon Metrics have unified timing characterization into a single step and a single format that can support both table lookup models and the advanced ECSM models. Customers can now utilize the power of ECSM models while maintaining a consistent set of timing views. Furthermore, tools that do not support ECSM models will be able to read and ignore the ECSM extensions without requiring any upgrades.

"As the industry transitions to finer process technologies, the complexities of design and the requirement for delay analysis are increasing dramatically," said Vess Johnson, president and CEO of Silicon Metrics. "Successful design teams have recognized that the accuracy of the characterization and models used during timing analysis have a direct impact on the quality of their design, the number of design iterations, and time to market."

"The accuracy of any analysis tool is only as good as the quality of the models they consume; therefore, a key component of the design team's success in performing nanometer signoff is the availability of accurate delay models," said Ping Chao, senior vice president and general manager, Chip Implementation at Cadence. "By providing SPICE-qualified ECSM models, Silicon Metrics' SiliconSmart characterization and modeling technology becomes an integral part of the Cadence design flow."

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