Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PCs Supported by BSQUARE’s SDIO Now!

6/24/2003 - BSQUARE Corporation (Nasdaq: :BSQR) announced that several SDIO Now! Membership Program licensees have introduced new Secure Digital I/O (SDIO) solutions for Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs, the newest version of Microsoft software for mobile devices. The BSQUARE SDIO Now! program helps accelerate product development by providing system software that supports the popular SD and SDIO standards on Windows Mobile-based devices.

Socket Communications is introducing multiple SDIO Now!-enabled peripheral solutions for Pocket PC 2003 devices, including a Wireless LAN (WLAN) 802.11b/WiFi SD Card; a Barcode Scanner SD Card; and a SDIO Card using Bluetooth wireless technology. Sychip is delivering a WLAN 802.11b/WiFi SDIO Card to the marketplace. MARGI Systems is introducing Presenter-to-Go SDIO, the leading presentation solution that now supports Pocket PC 2003 devices.

"The SDIO Now! standard enables interoperability between mobile devices so that we can easily offer customers Mobility FriendlyTM connectivity products for Windows Mobile 2003," said Peter Phillips, vice president of marketing at Socket. "Membership in the SDIO Now! program allowed our engineering team to save months of time and thousands of dollars in training and consulting costs compared with developing SDIO solutions completely in-house."

"We included BSQUARE SDIO Now! system software with our WLAN SDIO Card because it helps provide compatibility with a wide range of card host controllers and Windows Mobile 2003 software-based devices," said Moses Asom, Co-founder, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Sychip, Inc.

"Our goal at MARGI Systems is to continue being the leading provider for the mobile presentation market," said Phil Underwood, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, MARGI Systems. "The BSQUARE SDIO Now! program enables us to bring an SDIO product for Pocket PCs to market quickly, and allows us to continue providing support for a broad range of handhelds."

"Windows Mobile 2003 software provides a rich, powerful experience for users of Windows-based mobile devices, including improved wireless connectivity and enhanced messaging capabilities," said Mary Rose Becker, group manager for the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. "We’re very pleased that BSQUARE’s SDIO Now! Program provides product vendors with the technology they need to develop SD Card peripherals that enhance the functionality of Windows Mobile-based devices."

New BSQUARE SDIO Now! Licensing Members
BSQUARE also announced that Integrated Silicon Solutions, Marvell Semiconductor, and Philips Semiconductor are the latest companies to become licensing members of the SDIO Now! program.

"The ability to sign up three semiconductor companies in rapid succession demonstrates the SDIO Now! program’s continued appeal to manufacturers of chipsets for peripheral products," said Bill Baxter, President and CEO of BSQUARE.

About SDIO Now!
BSQUARE designed the SDIO Now! program to help manufacturers of chipsets, portable devices, card host controllers, and peripherals support the popular SD and SDIO standards on Windows Powered devices. The program provides companies with a common development platform, eliminating the need for vendors to write individual drivers for each device. With a standard driver architecture and APIs, vendors can feel confident that their products will be compatible with various devices regardless of the choice of SD host controller or platform architecture.

About BSQUARE Corporation
BSQUARE accelerates the development, deployment, and management of next-generation smart devices and applications. For nearly a decade, BSQUARE has provided more than 150 world-class manufacturers, integrators, and service providers with the building blocks necessary to design, develop, and test innovative products quickly and cost effectively. The company's suite of products and services includes Device Development Solutions, Wireless Solutions, and Custom Engineering Services. BSQUARE offers its customers deep expertise in the latest hardware and software, providing critical engineering services that have resulted in the successful launch of hundreds of new products and applications. For more information, visit BSQUARE at or call (888) 820-4500.

BSQUARE is a registered trademark of BSQUARE Corporation.

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