Transtech Unveils 6U CompactPCI Card with Two Processing Tiles

6/23/2003 - Transtech DSP is pleased to introduce the TS-CP1; a 6U CompactPCI card featuring two processing 'tiles' each consisting of an Analog Devices ADSP-TS101 (TigerSHARC DSP) closely coupled with a Xilinx Virtex-II XC2V8000 FPGA and with full ‘HotSwap’ capability. This mix provides huge processing capabilities ideal for intensive signal processing applications where extremely high data throughput requirements are the rule, such as radar, sonar, imaging, electronic surveillance, software radio and telecommunications.

The TS-CP1’s architecture is based on two processing nodes: two tiles each with an FPGA and DSP. Each of these tiles are linked to a PCI bus via a transparent HiNT HB6 PCI/PCI bridge, while a 64-bit, 33MHz secondary PCI bus, a 40 bit FPGA/FPGA interface and two TigerSHARC link ports provide adaptable high-bandwidth data links. Each tile has local resources of 128Mbytes SDRAM and 4Mbytes Flash via an 83.3MHz local bus which is bridged from a PCI bus. The FPGA also has direct access to two TigerSHARC DSP links and six banks of 2Mx18 quad data rate (QDR-II) SRAM – aimed at short term storage of intermediate data to help sustain algorithm throughput.

The two FPGAs provide a total 238 user FPGA I/O lines routed to a backplane user I/O interface which includes LVDS transceivers. Such fast I/O allows the construction of highly scalable system solutions for the toughest signal processing problems.

Extensive software support is available for the TS-CP1 including Transtech DSP’s TS-Toolset board support software and utilities, Analog Devices’ VisualDSP++ IDE, complete with C/C++ compiler, assembler, run-time DSP library, debugger and optimized libraries, JTAG emulators. Driver support is provided via VxWorks and Windows NT/2000 hosts. Also available are TS-LIB float and TS-LIB fixed which are hand-optimised TigerSHARC DSP signal processing and mathematics libraries containing over 400 functions covering FFTs, convolutions, correlation, filters, vector mathematics, linear algebra, matrix arithmetic, trigonometric operation and statistical functions. FPGA support includes library hardware interface firmware and source code as well as IP cores from Transtech and respected third party suppliers.

The TS-CP1 is available now.

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