Smart Network Devices Launches Java Products at JavaOne

6/23/2003 - Smart Network Devices (SND) is releasing its Java image capture API to the wider Java Community at JavaOne (San Francisco, June 10 -13 2003). This API, created for SND's NetView reference design (the world's smallest autonomous network camera), captures JPEG compressed color images from Java applications at 5 frames/sec for onward transmission over serial ports or TCP/IP connections.

SND is also releasing Java Editions of its two popular Network Starter Kits The Java Editions of Micro WebTargetTM and Micro BlueTargetTM starter kits provide Java programmers with fast and cost-effective ways to develop network and Bluetooth applications.

"Java is ideal for creating embedded networking applications," said Peter Duchemin, founder and CEO of SND. "The ability to keep the application code entirely separate from the underlying OS and the Java virtual machine simplifies updating and maintenance, significant issues for embedded use. For network devices it is fast and efficient to download the few kilobytes of code that an application requires."

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