AMIRIX Ships PCI Platform FPGA Development Board

6/23/2003 - AMIRIX Systems Inc., a provider of custom embedded systems design services, recently delivered the first of several PCI Platform FPGA development boards to Professor Guy Bois of École Polytechnique in Montreal.

The board, which provides peripheral hardware, reference FPGA configuration and monitor software, is used with the Xilinx Embedded Development Kit (EDK) to enable industry OEMs and university researchers to explore FPGA embedded systems solutions based on the IBM PowerPC 405 processor core. These processor cores are used in the Virtex-II ProTM, Xilinx's industry leading FPGA technology, which is bringing system level integration, or system-on-chip (SoC), to programmable logic.

"The era of programmable systems is here and this has created new challenges for developers of hardware and software as well as the educational and research communities," said Bruce Oakley, Product Manager at AMIRIX. "The PCI Platform development board is designed to make this emerging technology more accessible for OEM developers and is also a valuable learning tool for university students."

Along with AMIRIX's guidance, the development boards will enable Professor Bois to establish a state-of-the-art embedded systems teaching laboratory at École Polytechnique.

"I am pleased to be working with AMIRIX to create an advanced embedded systems development lab," says Professor Bois. "It will provide an unprecedented environment for students to investigate the issues and challenges faced when implementing a programmable system-on-chip solution."

As part of their recent acceptance as a MicroNet Industrial Partner, AMIRIX has agreed to support Professor Bois with the exploration of multi-processor, 2-D mesh clustering systems. In addition, AMIRIX will be delivering 2VP30 development boards that feature advanced FPGA configuration and software supporting inter-processor communication.

AMIRIX can also provide custom solutions based on the PCI Platform FPGA development board.

About AMIRIX Systems Inc.
Founded in 1981, AMIRIX provides custom embedded systems design services for electronic product realization. Core capabilities include high performance board design and integration, programmable logic design, and embedded software design. AMIRIX solutions are flexible, time-to-market efficient, cost effective, and are found in defence, aerospace and medical applications, as well as telecommunications platforms.

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