Yphise Honors Compuware for Best Performance Management Software

6/23/2003 - Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) and Yphise announced that Vantage was the recipient of the prestigious Yphise Award for the Best Application Performance Management Software. The Yphise Award was bestowed upon ClientVantage, Compuware’s end-user experience tool, after an in-depth assessment of leading competitors, including BMC, Mercury and Candle.

The assessment is conducted according to the Yphise ISO 9001-certified methodology. This methodology guarantees accuracy and independent assessment and focuses on meeting the requirements of IT managers in large companies. The assessment is based on a detailed list of requirements containing approximately 400 items.

“ClientVantage stands out thanks to its ease of implementation and operation. Test script reuse and version management facilitate performance measurement implementation. Correlation with data from other Vantage products helps identify bottlenecks. ClientVantage leadership stems from extensive coverage of the measurement and management requirements of application performance,” said Yphise Analyst Xavier Benmoussa.

“Measuring the application performance perceived by end-users is a good way to identify potential information system optimization. Information system performance has a direct impact on business performance. Controlling the application availability and response time contributes to improved efficiency of business processes. Measuring the performance of all the critical applications involved in business processes is difficult because of the heterogeneity and integration of information systems. Application performance tools must be able to measure any required application, regardless of technology issues.”

“Wining the Yphise Award demonstrates the commitment Compuware makes to managing the experience of end-users when using applications,” said Jeff Ventura, ClientVantage Product Manager, Compuware. “The fact that ClientVantage was able to successfully meet 400 real-world IT requirements indicates its strength and leadership position among end-user application performance management tools.”

Vantage is a comprehensive performance management solution for distributed applications, monitoring the entire application from the end-user, through the network, to the server and database tiers. Vantage helps determine the precise causes of performance bottlenecks by showing an application interacting with its supporting infrastructure. Using production metrics, Vantage also provides forecasting capabilities for efficient growth management.

ClientVantage is a comprehensive service level management tool that monitors, captures, reports and pinpoints the cause of service level exceptions--from the end-user perspective. Application transaction response times are monitored at the client and compared to service level thresholds. Application diagnostic information is captured 24x7 and reported when service thresholds are exceeded. ClientVantage creates a wide range of service level reports about captured application and transaction data. ClientVantage monitors all applications, whether Windows-, web- or mainframe-based, providing consistent reporting across environments.

Yphise assesses over 160 software products each year in all areas of interest for large companies to develop, operate and maintain the information systems that they need to compete. Large companies worldwide have made thousands of software selection decisions based on Yphise expertise since 1985. Assessment results are available at our Yphise.com SoftAssessment Portal, based on various license options. Each software product assessment is conducted according to Yphise ISO 9001-certified methodology. To the knowledge of Yphise, no other company in the world produces expert and independent comparative assessments of software products based on ISO 9001-certified methodology guaranteeing accuracy and independence. Our lab is in Paris (France).

Since 1985 in Europe and 1998 in North America, Yphise has been committed to providing the most relevant and accurate advice to assist large companies in embracing information management change to increase business value. Yphise clients include over 900 major companies worldwide. They come from all sectors, including manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail sales, transportation, services and government. Yphise advises IT consultants in selecting their partnerships and choosing the best software to recommend and use in each mission. Yphise advises software vendors and investors in strategy development.

Compuware Corporation
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