Corelis Probes Agilent's 1680, 1690 Series Logic Analyzers

6/23/2003 - Corelis Inc., announced new additions to its extensive line of logic analysis probes for Agilent Technologiesí logic analyzers. These latest tools are non-intrusive, and provide a powerful environment for the debugging of hardware and software for real-time applications based on any 64-bit, dual-issue, MIPS-IV based microprocessor.

The IA-MIPS-IV-1 provides inverse assembly of captured traces from any 64-bit, dual-issue SysAD bus that is executing MIPS-IV instructions. Included configuration software sets up the format specification menu of the logic analyzer for compatibility with the processor and loads an inverse assembler for the MIPS-based processor to obtain real-time displays of the processor data in true MIPS-IV assembly language mnemonics.

The Agilent 1680/90 series logic analyzers provide new features that simplify the debugging process. A familiar Windows®-based user interface takes the complexity out of making logic analyzer measurements. In addition, the intuitive triggering features of the Agilent 1680/90 series of logic analyzers help users to identify the cause of elusive problems quickly. Together with the IA-MIPS-IV-1, a user can easily correlate any captured trace data directly with the corresponding source code.

"The increasing number of design wins for MIPS architecture makes comprehensive and affordable design and test tools critical for companies using this architecture" said Mary Kerr, third party tools support engineer for Agilentís Design Validation Division. "The cooperative effort between Agilent and Corelis Inc., provides our customers with the advanced tools they need to develop MIPS products successfully."

"These new tools allow the developer of an embedded system using a MIPS-IV processor to bring their products to market much faster" said Jim Rodgers, Corelis marketing engineer for the MIPS processor family. "The IA-MIPS-IV-1 makes the debugging process much easier and faster by eliminating difficult correlation issues and lengthy set-up times."

The IA-MIPS-IV-1 is available now and is priced at $3,250.

Corelis Inc., offers a wide range of add-on and enhancement products for Agilentís logic analyzers including support for many processors. Corelis, Inc. is a world leader in the field of JTAG emulation, boundary-scan testing, JTAG In-System Programming of Flash memories & CPLDs, and microprocessor development tools. Corelis is also a leading system integrator and developer of custom JTAG emulation and test solutions and has successfully integrated and developed systems for customers throughout the world. Corelis is well known for its outstanding customer support.

For more information on Corelis JTAG emulation and boundary-scan test and in-system programming products, and other tools and services, please visit the Corelis web site at

Windows ® is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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