Jaluna Provides Validated Platform Solutions for Telecom, Network

6/20/2003 - Jaluna SA announced the availability of a series of integrated third-party product solutions as part of its ‘Validated Platform’ program. The objective is to deliver best of breed supported platforms ready to use by telecom and network equipment manufacturers.

“OS vendors each have their partner programs, with the same companies appearing repeatedly. Unfortunately, the readiness and level of integration of so-called partner products are often disappointing,” said Michel Gien, President and CEO, Jaluna SA, “Our customers request pre-integrated and validated, ready-to-use solutions, backed-up by a competent and reactive support team. This is the motivation behind our ‘Validated Platform’ program.”

Manufacturers and system designers are constantly looking to reduce the risks associated with building their products. The trend among suppliers is toward the provision of bundled solutions. Some vendors are now delivering bundles of proprietary technology targeted toward vertical markets. These bundles may include development tools, an operating system, high-speed networked data storage, networking middleware, as well as additional application packages – all available in a variety of hardware configurations. While resolving one problem, selecting such solutions increases the risks associated with being tied to one supplier. Many companies wish to retain the ability to select the best of breed and most appropriate third-party products. However this creates a challenge with software integration and support. Jaluna’s approach is designed to reduce the risks by assuring a standard level of integration, validation and support for a variety of selected third-party modules.

A typical case is with the use of Jaluna-1 and IP Infusion’s ZebOS Advanced Routing Suite, targeting network control systems. Jaluna performed the initial step of integrating ZebOS with Jaluna-1. In turn these will be validated by IP Infusion, using their software validation suites. Both companies are working together on synchronising their joint future release roadmap and support programs.

“We are pleased to be a part of Jaluna’s validation program,” said Steve Mock, vice president of business development of IP Infusion. “Testing and integrating our industry standard ZebOS routing and switching suites with Jaluna’s software components provides network equipment vendors with essential and high-caliber components to help reduce development costs and speed time-to-market and enables them to deliver state-of-the-art and flexible solutions.”

Similar ‘Validated Platform’ activities are underway with the following Jaluna partners:

As processor technologies and suppliers drive modular computing development, Jaluna has established a number of technology partnerships. Among these companies are major semiconductor manufacturers and board vendors, including:

“We are constantly seeking to improve the quality of the software integration and support we deliver to our customers,” said Mike Shoemake, PowerQUICC product marketing manager at Motorola’s Networking and Communications Systems Division. “We believe this initiative goes a long way toward helping deliver on that goal.”

In these ‘joint technology’ relationships, Jaluna and ‘the company’ agree to pool their resources to create the basis of new products or market solutions under a jointly defined roadmap.

About Jaluna
Jaluna SA develops and markets value-added software components and services that bring real-time, availability and security to network equipment and appliances based on open-source software. In addition, the company prides itself on providing first-rate support and quality product engineering.

Founded by Sun Microsystems Chorus team members, with a wealth of experience in developing and deploying real-time embedded solutions, Jaluna opens the way for the development of current and next generation infrastructure equipment and connected devices.

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