AeroComm Heats up AC5124 2.4GHz Modules with Enhancements

6/20/2003 - AeroComm, Inc. has upgraded its award-winning AC5124 product line with improved operating-temperature performance and extended range. With the enhanced specification now becoming standard, the modules will be useful to a wider range of OEMs seeking to integrate wireless connectivity into their industrial products.

Improved Operating Temperature
AC5124's operating temperature range now covers a very versatile -40C to +80C, enabling its deployment into the most hostile of environments, from deep freezers to deserts. The module contains sophisticated temperature compensating hardware and software to adapt across the entire industrial temp range.

Unlike many so-called extended temperature radios that contain external temperature parts, the AC5124 senses ambient temperature and compensates each radio according to its unique temperature profile. The result is a highly reliable system whereby radios operating at any temperature within the range -40C to +80C will maintain communication '24/7'.

Extended Range
The device's sensitivity has been improved from -90dB to -93dB to detect lower signal levels. As a result, AC5124 has a 50% increase in line-of-sight range, drastically improving its range performance.

Module Specifications
The AC5124 is a digital 2.4GHz RF transceiver employing frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology for interference-resistance. The transceiver provides reliable wireless communication across hundreds of feet indoors and over miles line-of-sight, and is ideal for a wide variety of both industrial and commercial applications.

AC5124 supports point-to-point, point-to-multi, and multi-to-multi configurations. Accordingly it is able to broadcast data to all transceivers, or it can 'address' packets to specific destinations using unique MAC addresses embedded in each radio.

AC5124 employs a user selectable identification number that is embedded in the radio's firmware. A company can protect the integrity of their network by assigning a unique ID to their radios; only radios with identical ID numbers will synchronize. No other off-the-shelf radio can eavesdrop on an AeroComm radio, and other AeroComm radios cannot even establish synchronization - a precursor of successful communication - unless the ID numbers of the radios are identical.

The module is completely assembled and importantly, agency approved, making it ready for integration into large volume OEM applications. Data rates up to 115.2 Kbps provide ample speed for most commercial applications, and at a diminutive 6.7 x 4.2 x 0.5cm, it is perfect for integration into portable devices and stationary applications.

OEMs can choose from a short range, power efficient 10mW version for battery-powered products, or a higher-powered 200mW version for miles of line-of-sight range. A version with an integral strip dipole antenna is available and all AC5124C variants share the same size footprint, connectors and software interfaces for interchangeability. The modules can operate in non-condensing humidity situations from 10% to 90%.

By using the 2.4GHz frequency band, AC5124C modules are accepted virtually worldwide; the family is approved under FCC, IC (Canada) and ETSI (Europe) agencies. For ease of integration, all modules are backed by an RF design suite and full engineering support from AeroComm.

Formed in 1990, AeroComm was the first manufacturer to gain FCC approval for 2.4 GHz direct sequence spread spectrum transceivers in 1994. Since then, the company has shipped over 100,000 wireless connectivity devices for home, small business and OEM markets. In 1996, AeroComm's technical focus became frequency-hopping due to its reduced cost, lower power consumption, higher interference immunity and smaller size. Today its proprietary methods of implementing spread spectrum technology enable wireless applications that were previously cost-prohibitive. The ConnexRF line offers a variety of standard OEM RF transceivers as well as custom solutions for major OEMs. An award-winning GoPrint line of printer sharing devices is also available via retail channels.

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