Wireless Pocket Sized Printer No Longer a Dream Thanks to PrintDreams

6/19/2003 - PrintDreams Europe AB, the developer of Random Movement Printing technology RMPT(tm), announced the realization of the world's smallest wireless pocket sized printer. PrintBrush(tm) can print letter size and is measuring only L14 x H6 x W4 cm (300ccm).

RMPT(tm) technology enables to create hand-driven computer mouse-like printers which can print any size on any flat surface by rubbing the printer back and forth with natural hand movements on the paper. The secret is the accurate optical sensor underneath which are developed by PrintDreams.

"PrintDreams business model is to license RMPT(tm) technology to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that will develop, manufacture and distribute the final products under own brand name. We have during the last year established contacts with global manufacturers that recognize the potential in RMPT(tm) based printer products for various applications" says Jan Erik Hedborg, CEO.

With the launch of PrintBrush(tm) we can demonstrate performance and functionality that meets user expectation for a truly mobile printer. We are expecting the first RMPT(tm) based printer products to be launched on the market early 2005" says Alex Breton, Founder and CTO.

Seizing the Lead
PrintDreams's technology has created a flexible pocket printer with an accurate print quality. You are able to print directly on paper, forms, envelopes, fabrics or boxes, there is no paper feeding mechanism what so ever. PrintBrush(tm) can be connected to a cellular phone, laptop or PDA (BT or IR-port). The printer is similar to a paintbrush. This latest prototype further consolidates PrintDreams leading position in this new technology.

"Printing technology was first developed in Eastern Asia, and around 1400 the Chinese knew the system of "movable characters. The next level was the so-called woodblock printing in the 7th Century, but it wasn't until Gutenberg in 1450 that a production method for printing which was more flexible was developed. Now PrintDreams are updating the history of printing with the RMPT(tm) technology" concludes Alex Breton.

PrintDreams management is currently in the USA to promote its revolutionary technology to some twenty OEMs and potential partners. Asian based OEMs will be visited next.

About PrintDreams
PrintDreams Corporation, headquartered in Kista, Sweden, has developed a proprietary printing technology called RMPT(tm), which has broad usage in several applications, from vertical markets, to next generation pocket printers in mobile telecommunications devices and PDAs. PrintDreams Europe AB was founded in 2001 and the owners are Venture Capital company ITbuilder, Skandia Liv and Management.

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