Cypress Launches High-performance FastEdge Clock and Data Drivers

6/19/2003 - Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: CY), the world leader in timing-technology solutions, announced availability of its FastEdgeTM family of high-performance clock and data drivers. The new devices leverage Cypress’s proprietary silicon germanium (SiGe) technology to achieve the best jitter performance in the industry — up to 90 percent better than alternative solutions. Operating at signal rates from steady state to more than 1.5 GHz, FastEdge drivers are Cypress’s fastest clock-distribution devices to date.

The FastEdge family includes seven buffers featuring a range of fan-out and divider ratios. Each device is implemented with a fully differential architecture optimized to achieve sub-1 picosecond (ps) intrinsic jitter. This performance enables designers to distribute signals over long transmissions lines, across backplanes, or between linecard or server racks, with minimal impact on total timing budget.

“Our in-house silicon germanium technology has enabled us to build the highest-performance clock and data drivers in the market,” said Tunc Cenger, marketing manager for Cypress's Timing Technology Division. “Cypress builds flexible timing devices that can be customized on demand to meet the evolving requirements of today’s high-precision systems in the shortest time possible. FastEdge drivers deliver a flexible architecture with ultra low skew and industry-best jitter performance.”

”The FastEdge family customizes a single base die with metal masks to implement a variety of clock and data drivers. In addition to flexibility, FastEdge devices offer designers a range of high-performance features, including a maximum of 1 ps root-mean-square (RMS) deterministic/intrinsic jitter, less than 300 ps output rise/fall time, 50 ps maximum output-to-output skew, and 400 ps propagation delay (typical).

”Pricing and Availability
”The FastEdge family of devices is available now in prices ranging from $6.75 to $12.95 per unit in 1,000 unit quantities.

”For more information on FastEdge products, visit the Cypress website at

About Cypress
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: CY) is Connecting From Last Mile to First MileTM with high-performance solutions for personal, network access, enterprise, metro switch, and core communications-system applications. Cypress ConnectsTM using wireless, wireline, digital, and optical transmission standards, including USB, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, and DWDM. Leveraging its process and system-level expertise, Cypress makes industry-leading physical layer devices, framers, and network search engines, along with a broad portfolio of high-bandwidth memories, timing technology solutions, and programmable microcontrollers. More information about Cypress is accessible online at

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