ProSyst Adds GUI Builder, CVS Client in mBedded Builder 5.1

6/17/2003 - mBedded Builder 5.1 is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the fast and easy development of Java applications and OSGi services. In order to meet the requirements of the developer community, mBedded Builder 5.1 includes entirely new GUI Builder and CVS client and has multiple enhancements in JDebugger, JProfiler, Code Editor, Dynamic Plug-in Management, OSGi compatibility, etc.

mBedded Builder assists the development of OSGi bundles with various wizards, supports deployment and remote administration of bundles on any OSGi framework. The new version allows simultaneous deployment of OSGi bundles on multiple OSGi frameworks. JDebugger and JProfiler equip mBedded Builder with multiple utilities to detect hard-to-find errors and optimise the runtime performance of applications running on remote or local hosts. They also provide enhanced capabilities for debugging and profiling of OSGi components and examination of the overall behaviour of OSGi frameworks.

ProSyst mBedded Builder is a pure Java IDE, which is platform independent and therefore able to run on a variety of Operating Systems and JVMs (Java Virtual Machines). Due to utilizing the OSGi technology in the core application architecture, it has enhanced modularity and scalability.

Dr. Dimitar Valtchev, CTO and Executive Board Member of ProSyst Software AG: "Our new release of mBedded Builder proves that we have evaluated the developer's community and know about their needs. The new mBedded Builder helps the developers to successfully complete projects, especially in the fast gaining popularity OSGi space, in a timely and cost-effective manner."

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