Data Translation Integrates Measure Foundry 4 with MATLAB, Excel

6/17/2003 - Data Translation® Inc. announced DT Measure FoundryTM 4.0, a major release that integrates the live measurement capabilities of DT Measure Foundry with access to MATLAB® from The MathWorks and Microsoft® Excel for a robust math processing and post-analysis solution. DT Measure Foundry’s innovative drag and drop design combines ease-of-use with top performance. Users can create complex test and measurement applications that access and control data acquisition functions without being expert software developers. They simply arrange the desired instrument functions on the desktop using panels that receive data directly from the measurement source -- without any need to code or wire components.

“Today’s announcement gives users the best of both worlds,” said Fred Molinari, president, CEO and founder of Data Translation. “They can fully exploit all of the data acquisition hardware functions and processes of our data acquisition products, and now seamlessly evaluate their results using industry-standard post analysis software.”

“We are pleased that Data Translation has developed this connection between DT Measure Foundry and MATLAB,” said Jim Tung, MathWorks Fellow at The MathWorks. “Being able to seamlessly integrate MATLAB analysis and visualization capabilities in a DT Measure Foundry measurement process enables test engineers and researchers to immediately understand and draw conclusions from their data, improving the research, test, or development process.”

Access to Powerful Mathematical Functions and Analysis
The new Melting Pot Panel gives users the ability to create multi-line formulas to compute incoming/outgoing data as well as complete access to MATLAB Script functionality for numerical computation, scientific graphics and signal processing. A user can define and execute MATLAB programs from within the Melting Pot for fast and easy visualization and analysis of collected data. Automatic data conversion support allows users to send and receive A/D or D/A data directly to/from MATLAB. Users can also access Excel and control it from within DT Measure Foundry using the Excel Live Link to log, graph and save data in real-time.

Flexible Graphical User Interface Design
DT Measure Foundry’s design also incorporates the look and feel of another industry standard: Windows® XP. Users can now build applications in the familiar style of Windows pull-down menus. The new Multi-Functional Group Box panel also lets users combine a group of panels together in one panel or place these panels on top of any image to graphically simulate processes. This allows users to create a graphical user interface that is completely unique to the application.

Centralize and Control All Functions
The Foundry window centralizes all objects and functions in one location to easily navigate all properties and capabilities of DT Measure Foundry. For example, the Inspector Tool located within the Foundry window lets users map their applications so that the relationships, contingencies and dependencies among objects can be easily viewed, printed, and saved. This is an ideal feature for creating user documentation and meeting corporate or regulatory requirements, as well as debugging and developing applications.

Additional New Features
DT Measure Foundry 4.0 also includes many other new features such as direct thermocouple support so that users can apply thermocouple linearization algorithms to any channel and view the live data in any display panel. This allows users to connect thermocouple devices directly to Data Translation hardware and display/log/export or print temperature quickly and easily.

XY Display, Oscilloscope and Spectrum Panels provide real-time display of incoming and processed data. The TC Linearization Panel provides direct support for thermocouple inputs. File Writer is an extension to the Melting Pot and allows for fast file I/O. The Execute Panel and Print Panel add greater flexibility to run and document a test program. Included in these panels are standard functions such as pan/zoom/measure, triggering and windowing functions that can be accessed in each panel’s property page. In this version, property pages include a dynamic wizard that assist users in configuring each panel for a specific need. All of these new features provide customers with the tools they need to create powerful test and measurement solutions more quickly and easily.

A 30-day evaluation version of DT Measure Foundry 4.0 ships with all Data Translation PCI and USB boards.

Bringing Test and Measurement to the Factory
The ability to connect DT Measure Foundry to any OPC server on a local computer or network is now included as part of DT Measure Foundry. OPC stands for OLE for Process Control and is a communications standard in the manufacturing industry. Users can access measurements from any OPC networked hardware, such as programmable logic controllers and distributed control systems, and process that data into DT Measure Foundry applications. Data Translation is a member of The OPC Foundation (

Availability, Pricing and System Requirements
DT Measure Foundry 4.0 is available for immediate order with delivery within 30 days and is priced at $995. Upgrades are available. DT Measure Foundry runs on Windows 2000 and XP. System requirements include: a PC compatible with a Pentium® II/333 or higher recommended; CD ROM drive; at least 128MB of RAM required, 256MB recommended and at least 80MB of free hard disk space; Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP1) or XP and appropriate DT WDM hardware device driver(s). Supported hardware includes Data Translation PCI boards, USB modules, and DATAX System. Compatible software includes Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher, MATLAB 6.5 Release 13 or higher, and OPC 2.0 Proxy.

DT Measure Foundry includes an extensive library of application examples as well as online help. Data Translation provides complete technical support for all its products. Support is also available 24x7 via Data Translation’s website at

About Data Translation
Data Translation is an ISO 9001-certified supplier to the data acquisition, imaging and machine vision markets with expertise in the design of high-accuracy, high-quality and reliable analog-to-digital products. The company partners with its end user and OEM customers to help them achieve real-time measurement and image acquisition. With thirty years experience, customers have come to rely on Data Translation because of its design proficiency, world-class manufacturing and well-respected customer service. Headquartered in Marlboro, Mass., Data Translation has a worldwide presence, with distribution in more than 40 countries and subsidiaries in Germany and the UK. For more information, visit

Data Translation is a registered trademark and DT Measure Foundry is a trademark of Data Translation. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel. Windows and Microsoft are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

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