Take a Test Drive of Microcross Visual GNU X-Tools for ARM

6/13/2003 - Microcross now offers a free 30-day trial of Visual X-ToolsTM with GNU X-ToolsTM ARM Toolsuite on Windows host. This GNU toolsuite is fully functional except for Thumb mode and binary utilities. The user can freely compile, link, and build executables and download them into an ARM target or to an ISA simulator (supplied with the trial version) and then single step debug with either command line GDB or Visual GDB (a.k.a. Insight®). Visual GDB has a function browser and can display stack, registers, memory, watch expressions, local variables, thread list, and breakpoints. Visual GDB can also single step through source, assembly, or mixed source and assembly for complete visualization of the debug process.

As a bonus, Microcross added the native GNU compiler toolchain, so that the user can create native applications or build cross sources for code porting and validation. GNU X-ToolsTM is one of two major commercial GNU brands in the world, and it offers more cost savings per feature than any toolchain available on the commercial market. Their popularity comes from years of maturity and usage on every viable host operating system and target processor in existence. With Visual X-ToolsTM IDE, GNU X-ToolsTM toolsuites are setting the benchmark for ease of use and affordability. No other commercial vendor offers a more simpler embedded development solution using GNU tools. Complete tool solutions start at $499.95.

About Microcross
Microcross is the leading global provider of GNU X-Tools and solutions, training and support services. GNU X-ToolsTM, Microcross' flagship product, is a reliable, low-cost embedded developer solution supporting over 20 of the most popular embedded 16, 32 and 64-bit embedded microprocessors. GNU X-ToolsTM with its IDE companion, Visual X-ToolsTM, is becoming a standard for commercially supported embedded programming tools; no other solution offers the breadth and depth of microprocessor coverage. Microcross has the lowest prices for commercially supported GNU X-ToolsTM and solutions, providing customers best value, performance, and reliability for their money. For more information about Microcross, please browse www.microcross.com.

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