Traquair Unveils Virtex-II FPGA Prototyping Boards

6/12/2003 - Traquair Data Systems, Inc. introduced a series of Virtex®-II FPGA prototyping boards, providing an ideal platform for FPGA developers to evaluate, implement, test, and extend custom designs using high-density Xilinx Virtex-II FPGAs ranging from 1MGates to 8MGates. The prototyping boards are developed and produced by ErSt Electronic in Ebmatingen, Switzerland, and allow FPGA developers to evaluate Virtex-II FPGA families in the FF1152 package.

An excellent diagnostic and benchmarking tool for FPGA developers, the boards facilitate the testing of algorithms under real-time conditions and allow for experimentation with different low voltage I/O standards and differential signals. For extremely complex FPGA designs, developers can quickly and easily expand their prototyping system by stacking several boards together and using partitioning software.

ErSt Virtex-II Prototyping Board To facilitate development, the prototyping boards are packaged with everything needed to quickly start and evaluate a Virtex-II based project including an SPROM module configured with a demonstration example, documentation, power cables and connector adapters.

Each board features a Virtex-II device in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8MGates density coupled with two separate crystal oscillators with sockets, six banks of general I/Os and many programmable user interfaces including a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), a text-to-speech processor with audio power amplifier and numerous push buttons, DIP switches and status LEDs. The 4, 6 and 8MGates boards also add a total of 1MB fast static RAM organized as either one or two banks.

About Traquair Data Systems, Inc.
Traquair Data Systems, Inc. is an established supplier of real-time products for industrial and commercial applications. It specializes in Digital Signal Processing, Reconfigurable Computing, Imaging, as well as advanced FireWire and Ethernet connectivity solutions for embedded systems. Traquair is a member of Texas Instruments' 3rd party program, partnering with TI to provide its customers with best-in-class DSP Solutions.

About ErSt Electronic
ErSt Electronic was founded in 1998 as an engineering company that focuses on the development of hardware and software projects for industry and natural science with specialization in the fields of FPGA design, embedded systems, hardware prototyping and physics. Its product range covers prototyping boards for several families of high-density Xilinx FPGAs. These boards provide a flexible and easy to use means to prototype very high-end applications and to dramatically shorten the design cycles for real-time applications. More information on ErSt Electronic is available in the partners section of the Traquair web site.

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