Kontron-Asia Introduces First 1U Dual Xeon Rackmount Server

6/12/2003 - Kontron-Asia will launch a new ideal rackmount 1U server, I-Server 1827, targeting the high-end market for information security, storage, Data com applications, web-based applications, E-commerce servers, internet game servers, science computing clusters environments. The I-Server 1827 is the first 1U dual XeonTM 'ServerWorks' based server on the marketplace, it means that I-Server 1827 will solve the communication bottle neck readily from end user to small to medium-sized businesses and provide the best solution.

I-Server 1827 is a 1U system equipped: Dual Intel Xeon processors, rated at 2.8 GHz or higher, with 512K of L2 cache. Front Side Bus (FSB) speeds of 400/533 MHz; ServerWorks GCSL with CBS5 Chipset; ATi Rage-XL graphics controller, 8MB of video memory; Hot-swappable 350 watt auto range power supply with PFC support; 3 SCA Ultra 320 HDD Bays with slim CDROM and floppy drive; Up to 4 GB of ECC register DDR200/ 266 low profile memory; two 64-bit 100/66MHz (3.3V) PCI/PCI-X expansion slots; Optional BMC board; IPMI 1.5 system management Interface (optional), Dual Giga Ethernet network connection support; Adopted latest motherboards include faster system bus architecture to help improving the performance of some data-intensive computing analyses. In addition, advanced thermal-monitoring and cooling capabilities, including six high-speed fans, make I-Server 1827 an especially reliable platform for ruling the high performance of dual Intel® XeonTM processors; Multiple LED indicators, front and rear access USB ports; PS/2 keyboard/ mouse connectors and other optional function.

“In server marketplace, the genuine 1U servers with dual-Xeon processor design are hard to search for, why? Because the Intel processors emit lots of heat as CPU run at full speed in the limited space of 1U architecture. Most manufacturers can not solve such overheating problems. Kontron-Asia I-Server 1827 1U dual-Xeon server is made by its advanced heat dissipation design that includes six high-speed fans and two large-size copper heat sinks”, said Kevin Tseng, the President of Kontron-Asia. “For highly demanding server workloads, Kontron-Asia delivers unparalleled performance and flexibility for Internet data protection, and improved system-level reliability server applications for small to medium-sized businesses to do the job. Like David and Gorier, we are very proud that I-Server 1827 has a chance against server products giants like IBM, Dell, HP and SUN. Besides, according to the Gartner Inc report that the worldwide server shipments saw a 10 percent increase in the first quarter of 2003; we have begun to tackle! ”, he added.

With Intel’s NetBurstTM microarchitecture provide enhancement that allows the Xeon processor execution powerful technology. For the advantage of technique, highly reliability, I-Server 1827 will deliver to the user a new unprecedented experience, Integrate latest innovations into superior platform designs in today’s PC industry. No matter what you are, especially an end user or a large volume system integrator, you need come to experience the cost efficiency, flexibility and upgradeability provided by kontron-Asia I-Server 1827.

For additional information on Kontron Asia, please visit: www.kontron-asia.com or contact: eddie.lin@kontron-asia.com

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