Cypress Unveils Industry’s Fastest Registered Buffers for Memory

6/12/2003 - Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: CY), a world leader in timing technology solutions, announced availability of the industry’s fastest registered buffers, the CY2SSTV16857 and CY2SSTV16859, for registered dual inline memory modules (DIMMs). Operating at clock frequencies up to 280 MHz, the two new devices far exceed the JEDEC specification for the DDR400 standard.

To meet the demands of high-capacity memory modules used in servers and workstations, DIMMs require the use of registered buffers such as the CY2SSTV16857 and CY2SSTV16859 in the address and control signal paths. These buffers are required to move data to and from memory more quickly as processor and signal speeds increase. These registered buffers, which support PC2700 (DDR33) and PC3200 (DDR400) DIMMs, provide consistent functionality over a variety of operating environments and system timing needs, while ensuring data integrity.

“The 280 MHz clock frequency represents the best-in-class performance for DDR registered buffers,” said Rob Raghavan, senior product marketing manager for Cypress’s Timing Technology division. “This high level of performance assures our customers that Cypress’s registered buffers have more than sufficient margin to support their critical requirements.”

The CY2SSTV16857 is a 14-bit 1:1 register while the CY2SSTV16859 is a 13-bit to 26-bit, 1:2 device for high-density stacked DDR-registered DIMMs. All inputs on both devices are compatible with JEDEC requirements for SSTL_2. In addition, all outputs are SSTL_2, Class II compliant and include low-power stand-by operation and controlled edge rates, so no external circuitry, such as resistors or capacitors, is required.

The CY2SSTV16857 is available now in a 48-pin TSSOP. The CY2SSTV16859-32 is available now in a 64-pin TSSOP. Both devices are available in commercial and full-industrial temperature ranges. Cypress plans to offer complimentary high-performance PLL clock drivers for PC3200 and PC2700 in Q2 2003.

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