Ambit Ships Over 2 Million Broadcom Powered Residential VoIP to Japan

6/12/2003 - Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), the leading provider of silicon solutions enabling broadband communications, announced that Ambit Microsystems’ shipments of residential VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) products, based on Broadcom technology, have now exceeded two million units in Japan, helping this market to become the world’s largest for consumer VoIP to date. Ambit’s products for this market are centered on the Broadcom® BCM1112 VoIP CPE Engine and its xChangeTM VoIP firmware.

In the past three years, consumers in Japan have purchased more residential VoIP hardware than in any other country in the world, according to market researcher Forward Concepts. This widespread deployment has been made possible by the broad acceptance of digital subscriber line technology (DSL) by consumers in Japan and the availability of cost effective consumer VoIP products from suppliers like Ambit Microsystems. Broadcom’s BCM1112 VoIP CPE Engine and xChange VoIP firmware are also key elements to the continued acceleration of consumer VoIP deployments worldwide.

“VoIP telephony has grown dramatically in Japan over the past two years, fueled by the growth of DSL subscribers,” said Will Strauss, president of Forward Concepts. “Development of economical and reliable residential IP telephony equipment will continue to facilitate adoption of the technology in terminal adapters throughout APAC and in North America where it is still in the experimental stage. North American service providers would benefit greatly if they would analyze the successful rollout of the technology in Japan.”

“The industry leading level of system-on-a-chip (SoC) functionality of the BCM1112 is enabling OEMs to develop complex Terminal Adapter products in remarkably short design cycles with low risk and high-volume reliability,” said Paul Shore, Director of Marketing for Broadcom’s VoIP Client Products.

Ambit’s SMTAs (Standalone Media Terminal Adapters) feature one or two analog POTS (Plain Old Telephone Set) ports for connection to existing analog phones and fax machines. The products also include a Fast Ethernet switch and two physical Ethernet interfaces to support connection to a broadband DSL or cable modem and to a PC or home local area network (LAN).

“The BCM1112 and Broadcom’s outstanding technical support have enabled us to bring new cost-effective Terminal Adapters to market quickly and efficiently,” said Sam Sun, Director of Engineering for Ambit.

The BCM1112 features a 150 MHz MIPS32TM RISC processor and a powerful dual-MAC digital signal processor (DSP). The chip’s Ethernet block includes an Ethernet switch and two integrated 10/100 Ethernet transceivers, designed to withstand 2000 volts of cable-sourced electrostatic discharge (CESD), which prevents the system from being damaged by electric discharge during installation and cable insertion. Also integrated into the BCM1112 are three analog CODECs capable of supporting both narrowband (8 kHz) and wideband (16 kHz) sampling, which in conjunction with wideband vocoders, such as the Broadcom BroadVoiceÔ32, will enable IP networks to deliver high fidelity voice transmission.

Ambit’s EMTAs (Embedded Media Terminal Adapters) further integrate either a DSL or cable modem transceiver, and utilize Broadcom’s xChange VoIP firmware running on a third party DSP chip.

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