WD&D Honors AeroComm with Wireless Award for Spectrum Analyzer

6/12/2003 - For the second year in a row, AeroComm, Inc. has won Wireless Design & Development's 'Top Ten Technology' award for doing what it does best -- providing a complete development environment that allows OEMs to get wireless capability fast.

The magazine officially named AeroComm's SA3000 Spectrum Analyzer product as a winner of its annual 'Top Ten' award at the International Microwave Symposium, held in Philadelphia, PA.

WD&D's Editorial Staff, in conjunction with its Editorial Advisory Board and reader response, reviewed the hundreds of new products and innovations listed in its 2002 issues. From over 1500 entries, just ten products were highlighted in May's magazine as last year's best.

To win 'Top Ten' praise, a product "must represent unique and innovative design, flexibility in applications, and contribution to the industry." The technologies judged address virtually every application and aspect of the wireless industry, including Bluetooth, wireless local area network, cellular and PCS, wireless local loop, LMDS/MMDS, fixed wireless, testing, security, next generation design, software and more.

"It is an honor to be selected by the staff and readers of Wireless Design & Development to receive the coveted 'Top Ten Technology' award," said AeroComm CEO Michael Varady, who personally received the honor at the IMS 2003 exhibition. "This award is an important acknowledgment of the technological value we bring to our industrial and commercial customers."

In addition to the 'Top Ten' award, the SA3000 Spectrum Analyzer received worldwide recognition last year by many of the industry's top publications, including Electronic Design News, Electronic Products Magazine, MicroTechnology Europe and RF Design Magazine.

SA3000 joins a long list of AeroComm products acknowledged for designs and feature enhancements beneficial to OEMs integrating RF. Last year, the company's AC5124 2.4GHz transceiver (formerly named PKLR) was also selected by WD&D as a 'Top Ten' award recipient.

"Being a worldwide leader in leading-edge radio frequency technology and integration is part of AeroComm's global vision," said company President Daniel Miller. "These credits confirm our unparalleled technologies and systems as we drive to capture new customers and new markets around the world."

SA3000 Spectrum Analyzer
SA3000 enables monitoring and analysis of local RF signals in and around the 2.4 GHz ISM band. The device captures and displays potential in-band interference and helps OEMs identify optimal locations for wireless equipment. Before placing ConnexRF transceivers on site, SA3000 is used to observe existing RF signals. If competing signals are found, SA3000 can be used to track them to the source and evaluate interference strength. SA3000 is comprised of a sensitive RF detector -- which connects to a desktop or laptop computer via RS232 serial port -- and proprietary application software. On-screen displays are user-friendly, so OEMs of all experience levels can evaluate installation sites with confidence.

AC5124 2.4GHz Transceiver
The ConnexRF AC5124 is a 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum digital transceiver. It is specifically designed for high-volume OEMs to integrate into their systems, and provides highly reliable RF wireless data communication. The module is completely assembled, agency approved, and ready to use. No additional hardware or software engineering development is required. AC5124 provides asynchronous TTL-level serial interface for OEM host communications. Communications include both system and configuration data. The host supplies system data for transmission to other host(s). Configuration data is stored in an onboard EEPROM. All frequency hopping, synchronization and RF system data transmission/reception is performed by the AC5124. The AC5124 operates in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint client/server architecture.

AeroComm, Inc.
Formed in 1990, AeroComm was the first manufacturer to gain FCC approval for 2.4 GHz spread spectrum transceivers. Since then, AeroComm has become the leading developer of high-performance, cost-effective 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz FHSS solutions for OEMs. The company's proprietary technology enables OEMs to integrate wireless communication into their systems faster, more reliably and at lower total cost than to design internally. The ConnexRF line of standard transceivers, custom solutions, and development tools was designed to help OEMs replace bulky, costly wiring in applications where low cost, high reliability and fast data throughput are essential. An award-winning line of consumer/commercial packaged transceivers (GoPrintTM, ConnexLinkTM and ConnexModemTM) are also available. For more information visit the company online: www.aerocomm.com.

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