Sun Microsystems Continues to Drive Java to Desktops

6/11/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), the creator and leading advocate of Java technology, announced new technologies and initiatives that demonstrate the broad-based and continuing momentum of Java technology on the desktop. Sun's Java initiatives on the desktop will drive increased adoption of Java Technology for the Desktop, create a new community for desktop developers, provide a vehicle to showcase applications, and release new technologies that will enable developers to produce new and exciting classes of desktop applications.

The demand for Java technology on the desktop is clearly demonstrated by the dramatic increase of Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) software downloads, to close to four million a month, with Java technology residing in more than half of the 550 million plus PCs worldwide.

"Java is the platform of choice for application developers looking for investment protection, and application portability and longevity," said Curtis Sasaki, vice president of Desktop Solutions, Sun Microsystems. "Java is the only platform that enables developers to deliver enterprise and consumer applications, and deploy network and Web-based application interfaces as well as online gaming solutions across all the major operating systems (OSs) including Solaris, Linux, Windows and Mac OS with a single application code base."

"Borland is committed to driving enterprise development team productivity by accelerating the entire Java application lifecycle. Java developers focused on client-side development can now consider the latest enhancements in the J2SE specification to innovate with new solutions," commented George Paolini vice president and general manager of Java solutions at Borland. "Sun's efforts to promote and advance J2SE desktop development help to benefit the end user."

The Desktop Java Initiative
Sun is working to realize vendor pre-installation of Java technology on every desktop PC, creating the largest target platform for desktop and Web applications in the industry. The latest J2SE release 1.4.2 addresses key customer requests including improved start-up time by up to 30 percent. OpenGL support has been updated for enhanced rendering and community programs have been built to further support desktop application developers. The new release also includes support for native OS look and feel for Windows XP and Linux. Apple Computer already offers support for Java technology in the Mac OS X platform. Now developers can write a single Java application and deploy it to all major desktop systems appearing as though it were written to each unique platform.

With demand for desktop Java technology-based development surging, there is an increasing developer need for collaboration and exchange as well as a rising end-user need to access simple tools to find content and applications. To address this, Sun also launched new Java Web initiatives geared toward the desktop community. Efforts in this area include:

J2SE Technology and Project Mad Hatter
Moreover, J2SE is a critical component of Sun's project code-named Mad Hatter, a rapidly emerging integrated suite of products that replaces traditional, high-cost Windows desktops with secure, lower-cost, flexible and open alternative desktop solutions. With Mad Hatter, J2SE technology can enable true cross-compatibility with existing enterprise infrastructure. It can enable developers to write to emerging, standards-based alternative platforms and shields them from having to rewrite code due to continuous software updates.

Moving forward, additional client-focused developments will be added to J2SE in conjunction with the Java technology community and the Java Community Process (JCP). Sun is also working directly with major PC original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to bundle the core J2SE platform with new systems shipping from the factory. Doing so gives consumers a current, compatible version of J2SE technology pre-installed and ready to run in combination with Java Auto-Update.

J2SE version 1.4.2 software is currently in beta and will be generally available for free download at by the end of June 2003.

StarOffice Software Development Kit (SDK)
Designed to leverage existing Java technology developers' expertise and the rapidly growing user community of StarOffice Software and, the StarOffice SDK enables developers to add new features to StarOffice utilizing Java tools. Consequently, this creates new business opportunities for the independent software vendor (ISV) community. Since StarOffice is available on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and Solaris OS, these add-on capabilities can be used by a wide range of users. The SDK is being demonstrated at JavaOne and is scheduled to be released in October 2003. Already available at, over 100,000 developers have downloaded versions.

With more than 40 million copies distributed globally to date, StarOffice is an affordable alternative office productivity suite that provides rich functionality, direct import/export of Microsoft Office documents, an open XML file format and a growing community of developers working through The software has a simple, easy-to-use interface and contains full-featured applications including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics, HTML-creation and database access.

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