XEMICS Powers CODEC to Chip Scale Package

6/11/2003 - XEMICS SA, Switzerland, a leading provider of Ultra Low Power Solutions, announced that their lowest power CODEC device XE3005 is now available in a Chip Scale Package (Ultra CSP®).

The Ultra CSP® is a true wafer level packaging technology using standard equipment to produce a thin-film, solderable redistribution layer. Due to the almost die-sized form factor, XEMICS customers are now able to integrate a complete 16Bit CODEC on about 8mm2 of PCB space. The device can be assembled using a standard surface mount process which significantly eases volume production compared to Dies or Flip Chips.

"Our customers working on miniaturized consumer products will significantly benefit from this cost effective packaging technology by not adding any size or cost penalty due to the packaging process." said Remy Pache, VP Marketing of XEMICS. He added that "This very competitive size, performance and price-wise device will pave the usage of advanced packaging technologies for other products within XEMICS like our BluetoothTM series."

The XE3000 series of devices operates down to 1.8V, consumes less than 600ľA during full operation and offers a full duplex PCM and SPI interface. Besides independent TX and RX power save modes - SandmanTM function -, several predefined operation modes can be used to further ease the usage and to benefit from the self initialization and the fact that the SPI doesn't need to be connected to any controller.

Now it seems that the XE3000 is the ideal CODEC device for many portable consumer products like BluetoothTM headsets, cordless telephones, voice storage / playback and thanks to a sampling frequency of up to 48 kHz even for voice recognition applications.

By combining the XE3005 with the XEMICS BluetoothTM solution, for example a complete headset can be built consuming less than 22mW @1.8V when used in a HV3 link.

UltraCSP® is patented by Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Flip Chip Division.

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