Magma Qualifies Timing, Area and Power for TSMC's 0.13 Process

6/10/2003 - Magma Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of chip design solutions, announced it has completed a comparative study of TSMC's libraries with six variations of the 0.13-micron process node incorporating a widely used embedded microprocessor core. These variations include multiple threshold voltages, multiple supply voltages, etc.

Magma worked with TSMC's Design Services Division to qualify timing, RC extraction and design rule checking, and used that foundation to study six technology variations. According to this study, the standard cell area varied only 12 percent, while timing and power dissipation varied up to about 90 percent and 200 percent, respectively. The study provides a guideline for designers using TSMC's process-tuned libraries integrated into Magma's complete RTL-to-GDSII methodology for COT (customer-owned tooling) flow.

"We have been working with Magma on library qualification in their tool environment," said Dr. Fred Wang, senior director of Design Services Division at TSMC. "As a distributor of TSMC libraries, Magma has enabled a fast tapeout route by integrating our libraries into their RTL-to-GDSII COT flow. With this study, Magma helped provide additional valuable guidelines to designers to select a process technology that meets their design goals."

"This study has strengthened our partnership with TSMC," said Nitin Deo, vice president of business development of Magma. "We continue to find ways to provide increasing value to our mutual customers along with a faster way to TSMC silicon."

The results of this report are under preparation and will be available from TSMC.

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