CSR Offers Improved Performance, Smaller Size with BlueCore3

6/10/2003 - CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio), the Bluetooth wireless technology industry leader, reinforced its position with the launch of BlueCore3. This latest design is the third generation of its Bluetooth single-chip solution, which recently reached the 10 million mark in terms of unit shipments worldwide.

Having already been incorporated into 60% of all Bluetooth end product designs, CSR's BlueCore family is the product of choice for many of the world's major suppliers of electronic equipment including CompaqHP, GN Netcom, IBM, Logitech, Microsoft Corp, Motorola, NEC, Siemens and Sony. Indeed, CSR's Bluetooth solution is already incorporated into the vast majority of the world's laptops, PDAs and headsets with Bluetooth capability.

BlueCore3 adds improved performance and smaller size to the highly-integrated and compact design of BlueCore2. Small size is a particular requirement demanded by mobile phone manufacturers due to the limited available space. CSR has already made considerable headway in this market, providing the Bluetooth technology for Panasonic and NEC phones.

Speaking at the London launch of BlueCore3, John Hodgson, CEO of CSR, commented, "Cellular handset manufacturers around the world are making Bluetooth a standard feature on new models. The launch of BlueCore3-ROM makes the process of incorporating Bluetooth easier and provides the performance which will give our customers an edge."

In addition, the new range of chips includes a multimedia version, BlueCore3-Multimedia, to cater for the expected increase in use of Bluetooth for the transmission of multi-media content. This technology will enable many new Bluetooth applications, including high-quality wireless stereo headphones and headsets.

A particular feature of BlueCore3 is CSR's Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) technology, which minimises the interference between Bluetooth and WiFi when operating in the same environment. This feature, originally designed by CSR, has now become an industry standard and a pre-requisite for Bluetooth version 1.2 certification. This is further evidence of CSR's focus on interoperability, enabling quick and easy integration of Bluetooth solutions into a variety of products and applications.

Hodgson continued, "CSR's strength is its ability to provide a complete Bluetooth solution that can be readily integrated into an increasing variety of products and applications. We are delighted to offer the first solution that implements all the optional as well the regulatory features of the new version 1.2 standard. Along with CSR's breadth of experience, the quality of our Bluetooth solution will ensure that CSR is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the predicted growth in Bluetooth over the coming years."

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