CSR Bluetooth Enables Panasonic GSM Mobile Handset with BlueCore2

6/9/2003 - CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio), the world's leading provider of single-chip radio devices, announced that Panasonic Mobile Communications latest GSM mobile handset is to be Bluetooth-enabled by CSR's BlueCore2-ROM solution. The Panasonic X70 handset includes a built-in digital camera, GPRS data services, a 65K color screen and full Bluetooth functionality. Panasonic's choice of BlueCore2-ROM is testament to the reliability of CSR's Bluetooth solution as a robust technology that can be trusted to deliver. The Panasonic X70 will be available in Europe, Asia and the US later this year.

The X70 handset is a GPRS phone, which allows continuous data in an IP format, ideal for such applications as Web browsing and file transfer. This sits perfectly with the CSR-enabled Bluetooth functionality, as the phone is able to connect and share information with PDAs and PCs while retaining the portability of a mobile phone. The handset also allows wireless connectivity with compatible Bluetooth-enabled in-car hands-free kits and headsets; devices that make using a mobile phone in a car easier and safer.

The maturity of the firmware in a Bluetooth chip has an enormous impact on the quality and usability of the final product, so for a product to be both successful and cost effective it is important that the Bluetooth firmware be well tested and mature. CSR's BlueCore2-ROM removes the risk of placing code into ROM and is a trusted and reliable product. The 4Mbit ROM is metal programmable, which enables a six-week turn-around from approval of firmware to production samples. CSR's BlueCore2-ROM requires fewer external components than previous BlueCore designs with integrated loop filter components and linear voltage regulator. So with a low component count and a small footprint of as little as 64sqmm for the total Bluetooth solution, this allows CSR to target high-volume, cost sensitive applications for Bluetooth such as this Panasonic mobile handset.

Ken Hatano, General Manager, Product Planning for Panasonic commented, "We need to provide our customers with the highest specification at an attractive price. As a world-leading provider of single-chip radio devices, CSR's BlueCore2-ROM provides a competitively priced and robust Bluetooth solution that meets industry standards."

Eric Janson, worldwide vice president, marketing, CSR, replied, "Panasonic's choice of CSR to Bluetooth-enable their handset is a firm endorsement of the quality and reliability that we are able to offer with BlueCore2-ROM at a cost that is no longer prohibitive." Janson continued, "BlueCore is in more than 70% of all Bluetooth headsets on the market; we are also in around 60% of all qualified Bluetooth products. Only CSR can therefore provide mobile phone makers with Bluetooth silicon which is reliable and at a price which will help them stay competitive."

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