Compuware Showcases DevPartner Studio Pro to Microsoft Developers

6/4/2003 - Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) announced at the Microsoft Tech·Ed 2003 Conference (booth #613) that it is demonstrating a wide range of new technologies in DevPartner Studio Professional Edition that will enable developers to deliver better applications faster. These technologies add support for the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Windows Server 2003 platforms, enabling developers using the latest Microsoft releases to build robust applications to meet critical business requirements.

DevPartner Studio Professional Edition is uniquely equipped to help developers implement the most reliable and high-performing Microsoft Visual Studio .NET applications, Visual Studio 6.0 applications or applications that combine components from both environments. The product seamlessly integrates into the Visual Studio integrated development environments. Using DevPartner Studio yields an improved confidence in application reliability and performance, while providing skill improvements that benefit both the developer and the enterprise over the long-term.

New DevPartner Studio technologies include expanded support for both .NET and native Windows applications. As developers continue to integrate existing business logic into new .NET applications, the need to detect and diagnose errors early in the development process, profile code and analyze distributed application components remain challenges to building high-quality and efficient applications.

"Compuware is well known for putting features into the hands of developers to help them in their day-to-day efforts, as well as for providing timely support of new Microsoft technologies," said Shari Zedeck, Product Manager for the Compuware DevPartner and DriverStudio product families. "These new DevPartner developer technologies demonstrate Compuware’s commitment to providing industry-leading capabilities for those that rely on Visual Studio as their integrated development environment."

DevPartner memory analysis provides live views of how .NET applications use memory during execution, graphically showing developers the application working set, memory footprint, temporary objects and object leaks. Developers can use this information to write applications that use memory better and exhibit higher performance and more stability. Memory analysis works in conjunction with new dynamic call graphs that provide detailed information on what methods use memory and how they are called during execution.

New DevPartner Studio capabilities also include the ability to compare iterative performance runs using the product’s industry-leading performance profiler, enabling developers to make code changes and immediately determine their performance impact. For native Windows applications, DevPartner Studio will also identify deadlocks among threads and even indicate when a deadlock is likely to occur.

Compuware continues to set the standard for developer tools that improve application reliability and performance. DevPartner Studio Professional Edition is currently available at a retail price starting at $1,495, with concurrent licensing and volume discounts available. The upcoming new release of DevPartner Studio, available later this summer, supports the latest Microsoft technologies while adding important new capabilities that make it even easier to produce the most robust applications possible.

Compuware Corporation
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