Fujitsu Makes NETSMART 1500 EMS Faster, Easier and More Secure

6/4/2003 - Fujitsu Network Communications Inc., the leader in the optical telecommunications market, unveiled at SUPERCOMM 2003 (Fujitsu Booth #11340) the latest release of its NETSMART® 1500 Element Management System (EMS). This release represents the most powerful version of NETSMART 1500 EMS to date, and reinforces the software’s position as a “best in class” EMS. New features reduce the time to provision circuit connections by 90% and provide carriers with the ability to manage existing connections and perform alarm correlation. Other additions enhance server survivability and introduce new security functionality.

“The full integration of a new connection manager, called SMARTpath, into the NETSMART 1500 EMS enables service providers to rapidly provision new circuits,” says Steve Pelosi, vice president of network operations planning. “SMARTpath uses advanced algorithms to identify unused network bandwidth, determine optimal circuit paths, preview proposed routes to allow circuit parameter changes and path adjustments, and implement connections. SMARTpath assists the user with alarm correlation and the maintenance of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). SMARTpath operates efficiently across transport networks managed by NETSMART 1500 EMS, which can contain up to 8,000 nodes.”

This new NETSMART 1500 software also includes NETsafe, a high-availability system that provides continuous network visibility during server maintenance and full protection in the event of a catastrophic failure. Information stored on a primary server is mirrored to a secondary server. NETsafe gives the user flexibility by allowing the secondary server to be collocated or separately located and connected via a Wide Area Network (WAN) for maximum protection in the event of a disaster. Additional security features include the Network Element User Security (NEUS) tool that allows Network Operations Center (NOC) personnel to instantly access and update the security databases of thousands of network elements.

An enhanced Product Change Notification (PCN) reporting capability has been added that allows carriers to instantly locate equipment in their networks when hardware updates are required. The PCN description file is electronically loaded into the NETSMART 1500 EMS, which then searches the local persistent database (constantly kept synchronized with the real network) to locate all hardware components that require updating. This capability saves the carrier hours of intense manual searching and prevents network outages due to partially implemented PCNs.

Further enhancements include support for Local Area Network (LAN) bridging functions for the FLASHWAVE® 4000 platforms, as well as scheduling and trouble-shooting tools for software download to network elements. Access and usability are also enhanced with a new Web interface for viewing critical system parameters and alarm data from a secure Internet connection. The topology manager within the NETSMART 1500 system has also been revamped with new features, including ring creation wizards and map zoom functions.

About Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.
Fujitsu Network Communications Inc. delivers next-generation optical transport and photonics solutions optimized for metropolitan, regional, long haul and ultra long haul, high capacity applications. The company’s comprehensive consulting and network services offer support at any network development, deployment and maintenance stage. The company is the leading optical transport equipment vendor in the metro ADM market with 56%i market share. Fujitsu Network Communications is a division of Tokyo-based Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6702), a leading provider of customer-focused IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace. Fujitsu Limited reported consolidated revenues of 4.6 trillion yen (US$38 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2003. For more news and information, please visit

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i RHK findings for total 2002 metro ADM market share in North America.

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