Compuware Develops CARS to Improve Application Reliability

6/3/2003 - Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) announced the availability of the Compuware Application Reliability Solution (CARS). CARS provides greater control over application delivery by uniting proven processes, a rich portfolio of technology and quality assurance expertise. A certified CARS team will come to a customer’s site and establish a Quality Assurance Center that implements the entire CARS solution. By linking development, quality assurance and operations, CARS gives organizations the confidence that applications will meet business requirements and perform reliably once they are deployed.

“We have implemented the CARS solution to help manage the delivery of the next generation of our Claims Transaction System, which provides West Bend claims adjusters with web-based access from anywhere,” said Thomas Lindell, Chief Information Officer at West Bend Mutual Insurance Company. “Compuware has established a CARS team on site here at West Bend, and has collaborated with our internal staff to develop a systematic risk analysis for the Claims Transaction System. We have already seen the risk-based approach pay off in more rigorous and efficient test plans. We expect that CARS will help ensure that our applications are delivered on schedule and at a new standard of quality.”

"The more pervasive the application, the more important quality is,” said Theresa Lanowitz, Research Director at Gartner, Inc. “The average cost of unplanned downtime for mission-critical applications is $100,000 per hour. Mission-critical, highly visible applications must be managed at the highest possible level in mature IS organizations. A key issue for CIOs today is determining the right tools, techniques and processes for improving software quality in an increasingly complex application environment.”

Traditional approaches to quality are often ineffective due to a lack of consistent adherence to process and inadequate quality metrics upon which to base application deployment decisions. A recent research study commissioned by Compuware and conducted by Forrester Research between February and March of 2003 found that of the 125 companies interviewed, 75 percent have implemented formal processes to ensure application quality; however, more than 69 percent of this group said they fail to follow the processes consistently. CARS introduces and enforces quality assurance discipline across the organization, resulting in more efficient and effective quality assurance efforts and providing predictable, manageable results when applications are deployed.

“The issue of software quality and reliability continues to challenge IT organizations and businesses,” said Tommi White, Chief Operating Officer at Compuware Corporation. “CARS builds on Compuware’s expertise in this area. It enables IT organizations to deliver high-quality applications through the use of highly skilled people, a patented methodology and Compuware products. We have done something none of our competitors can come close to claiming to be able to do. We have integrated the discipline of the quality methodology into the software. Compuware products span the entire life cycle needed for quality assurance. This offering incorporates the entire application delivery cycle for quality assurance for a flat annual license fee, making this solution the broadest and most cost-effective in the marketplace.”

Compuware’s QualityPoint methodology is a complete quality management process that enables discipline throughout the application delivery cycle driven by business requirements. Integral to the methodology is a formal business and technical risk assessment that provides the foundation for the entire process. Quality assurance activities throughout the delivery cycle are defined, executed, managed and tracked according to priorities stemming from the risk assessment. The methodology defines best practices for every step of the application delivery cycle. CARS quality assurance experts will customize the QualityPoint methodology to augment a client’s development processes, leveraging the existing strengths of the client organization.

Compuware’s Application Quality Workbench (AQW) enforces discipline through managed workflow and provides a common view of quality across an organization, providing management-level reports on key quality and performance metrics. In addition, the AQW provides rich diagnostics, encompassing the capabilities of Compuware’s comprehensive portfolio of technology that spans from software fault analysis to testing automation and management to real-world performance measurement and tuning. The AQW also supports capacity planning requirements through load testing and network performance prediction.

CARS is delivered by skilled professionals whose expertise is quality assurance and the management of business risk, and who know how to leverage the Compuware portfolio of supporting technology. These skilled professionals will be provided through Compuware’s professional services organization as well as from third-party CARS delivery partners. In all cases, CARS delivery teams will be certified in the application and use of the QualityPoint methodology as well as in the effective implementation of the complete portfolio of technology included in the AQW. CARS supports a systematic turnover of the entire solution to client personnel through a structured mentoring process.

CARS, through its unique quality methodology, industry-leading technology and world-class expertise, drives the discipline required to deliver and deploy reliable applications.

“As an international company with high volume, high productivity container terminals, we depend upon quality systems that are responsive to industry changes and local requirements. To deliver high quality systems, our development process requires a disciplined approach incorporating effective QA tools. Compuware supports this need for discipline through CARS,” said Ken Dorcy, Director of IT for CSX World Terminals. “Having a robust QA process and the right technology to support it are essential elements of success, especially when coordinating international development teams.”

How to Get Started
Customers interested in CARS can begin by engaging Compuware in a six-week CARS test drive, which focuses on a particular functional area of a customer’s key business application, inexpensively and with no obligation. Once customers experience the effectiveness of the solution during the test drive, they can then decide on whether implementing the entire solution is right for their organizations.

More Information
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