PointBase Unveils Embedded Database 4.6 with Enhanced Mobile Security

6/3/2003 - PointBase®, Inc., the leader in Java embedded database products for managing and synchronizing enterprise data across all platforms, announced the release of version 4.6 of their award-winning PointBase Embedded database. For PointBase products in production-level environments, PointBase Embedded 4.6 provides additional flexibility in data organizations and can now connect to multiple databases from within a single JVM. For mobile applications, PointBase UniSync 4.6 features increased security with optional password authentication.

The PointBase 4.6 product family, in response to the rapidly growing embedded database market, offers a number of technically sophisticated enhancements. Deferred referential integrity checking supports more complex integrity assertions with validity being checked at the end of the transaction. Significant performance gains have resulted from improved JOIN cardinality estimates, faster processing of complex queries and enhanced table scan performance. The PointBase Embedded Console now also supports index management through its GUI interface.

PointBase UniSync connects and synchronizes mobile databases, such as PointBase Micro, to backend databases, such as PointBase Embedded or other leading SQL databases. The UniSync Console has been enhanced so the full functionality of the API is now available through the graphical user interface. Significant enhancements to UniSync’s security include access restriction by IP address and optional password authentication for connecting spokes, addressing the needs of security-conscious organizations such as healthcare, government and manufacturing.

"With PointBase 4.6, the company continues to lead in the rapidly growing embedded database market, bringing platform-independent data access and management to real-world enterprise applications, both mobile and embedded," said Bruce Scott, CEO of PointBase. "The PointBase 4.6 upgrade expands important technical, security and remote capabilities to meet the needs of real-world users in today’s multiplatform and increasingly mobile database markets."

The PointBase Product Family
PointBase 4.6 products include:

PointBase Embedded – A powerful, small-footprint, Java Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), ideal for embedding in Java applications that need a full-featured SQL product. Noted for its transparency to end users, PointBase Embedded offers true portability across all platforms, streamlined application deployment and integration, and automatic administration. It is a robust SQL product with a rich set of features including views, triggers, outer joins, security roles, referential integrity, Java stored procedures, distributed XA transactions and more.

PointBase Micro – A high-performance Java RDBMS that boasts an ultra-small footprint of 45K on J2METM MIDP, perfect for advanced Java-based mobile devices. Specifically designed for the J2SETM and J2ME platforms, PointBase Micro supports a broad subset of the JDBC API. With its all-Java implementation, PointBase Micro opens the door for a wide variety of enterprise applications to run smoothly on today’s growing number of mobile devices, eliminating the need for a constant wireless connection to enterprise database servers.

PointBase UniSync – This database synchronization product easily synchronizes and maintains subset copies of master databases, utilizing newly supported JOIN filters, which allow applications to synchronize sets of tables without denormalization. PointBase UniSync provides bidirectional data synchronization between PointBase database products and also enterprise databases, such as Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL ServerTM. Enterprises can now extend the reach of their critical data through the PointBase solution, which includes such comprehensive synchronization features for distributed applications as filtering and conflict resolution.

For further information, visit PointBase at www.pointbase.com/pr46 or contact PointBase directly at 877-238-8798 (U.S. and Canada). Version 4.6 of all PointBase products can be downloaded for evaluation from the PointBase website at www.pointbase.com/46eval.

About PointBase Inc.
PointBase is the leading provider of Java data management and synchronization products for the embedded database and data mobility markets. PointBase products are used in Java server applications and are also embedded within Java applications. The company’s products are the preferred solution for Java mobile data applications found on laptops, PDA’s and other mobile devices. Bruce Scott, part of the Oracle Corporation founding team and co-founder of Gupta/Centura Software, founded PointBase in 1998 with a management team that includes industry veterans from IBM, Hyperion and Oracle.

PointBase and the PointBase logo are registered trademarks of PointBase Inc. Java, 100% Pure Java, all Java-based trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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