Mosaic Develops Embedded Instrument Controller with Touchscreen GUI

6/2/2003 - Mosaic Industries, Inc. announced the release of a new embedded instrument controller featuring a powerful touchscreen-controlled 1/4VGA graphical user interface (GUI). The QVGA Controller comes complete with a high-contrast 320x240 pixel electroluminescent (EL) or LCD graphics display, a high-resolution analog touchscreen, and a built-in GUI software toolkit. The prime benefit of this new C-programmable three-in-one unit is that it provides Original Equipment Manufacturers with a low cost solution and faster product development.

"A key trend in embedded design", said Paul Clifford, Mosaic's VP Engineering "is the integration of highly intuitive touchscreen/graphics user interfaces with data acquisition, control and communications - all in one compact package. Our new controller enables the designer to implement all instrument control functions in the context of an easy-to-use front panel interface," he noted. "Our goal is to endow even highly complex instruments with appliance-style ease of use. Designers of medical, scientific or industrial products can use this compact, I/O-rich integrated device as the core hardware, software and user interface in their new instruments."

The built-in GUI Toolkit provides an easy way to design and implement a complete graphical interface to monitor and control an instrument. On-board software responds to screen menus, buttons and controls by executing programmer-defined functions. The GUI Toolkit also provides functions for displaying system status graphically or via text-based messages.

Ideally suited for data acquisition and control, a real-time multitasking operating system provides a simple solution when several activities must operate simultaneously, each with time-critical precision. Pre-coded I/O drivers facilitate data acquisition, pulse width modulation, motor control, frequency measurement, data analysis, analog control, PID control, and communications.

The QVGA Controller contains plenty of I/O for most applications: it commands eight 12-bit analog input channels, eight 8-bit analog inputs, eight 8-bit D/A lines, 24 digital I/O, 4 high current drivers, and two RS232/485 ports. For projects requiring a unique combination of specialized I/O, the QVGA Controller can host up to eight stackable I/O modules to add dozens more digital and high-resolution analog signals, extra serial ports, and compact flash mass memory.

The QVGA Controller is available now, the price starts at $799 with substantial volume discounts.

About Mosaic Industries, Inc.
In business since 1985, Mosaic Industries, Inc. provides off-the shelf customized hardware solutions, from analysis to product design, for numerous applications such as industrial control, automation of industrial processes, product development and/or product upgrades, data acquisition, and scientific instruments. For more information about Mosaic's QVGA Controller and other products call 510/790-1255 or visit

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