Excel Software Launches QuickUML to Tightly Synchronized UML Models

6/2/2003 - Excel Software began shipping QuickUML 1.1 for Windows and Linux. QuickUML is an object-oriented design tool that provides tight integration and synchronization of a core set of UML models. A tabbed window provides access to the entire project including use cases, class models, object models, dictionary and code. Use cases capture the essence of user-visible functions the system must perform. Class models describe objects in the system and various kinds of static relationships. Sequence diagrams illustrate how objects interact and emphasis the order in which things occur. The project is saved as a platform independent XML file that can be edited from Windows, Linux or the recently announced Mac OS X edition of QuickUML.

QuickUML Windows 1.1 adds Windows XP enhancements, a new online help system and an image export feature to save class and object diagrams as Bitmap, JPEG or GIF files. QuickHelp replaces WinHelp for context sensitive QuickUML application help and provides users with a consistent, familiar help interface across all Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms. QuickHelp integrates the table of contents and topic panel into one resizable window. The automatic keyword index and word search features make it easy to locate relevant topics. Familiar hypertext links and Back and Forward buttons provide quick navigation. Other enhancements in QuickUML Windows include an improved Contents view for class and object models, support for UNC file names and a toolbar to access commonly used code manager commands.

QuickUML Linux 1.1 adds improved font handling, an enhanced Contents view for class and object models, and a toolbar to access code manager commands. QuickUML Linux has the same features as the Windows edition and also uses QuickHelp to provide context sensitive application help.

QuickUML for Windows and Linux, both add enhancements for multiple platforms and programming languages. The QuickUML project file stores platform independent UML data plus platform-specific text fonts, sizes and file paths for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. QuickUML supports flexible text handling features on each platform to accommodate line-ending differences on Windows (CRLF), Macintosh (CR) and Linux (LF). During design, language specific details like attribute data types and operation argument lists can be defined for the C++, Java, Delphi, Ada and Visual Basic programming languages and then listed to text as a programming specification.

QuickUML 1.1 for Windows or Linux is priced at $495, or $124 to upgrade from 1.0. Site licensing information, product descriptions and online ordering are available at www.excelsoftware.com. Since 1985, Excel Software has provided tools to thousands of Macintosh, Windows and Linux developers in over 40 countries.

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