Trebia Networks Unveils iSCSI Storage Network Processor

6/2/2003 - Trebia Networks, Inc., a leader in the development of system-on-silicon solutions for storage networking applications, announced the SNP-1000LTM processor designed to offer OEMs a quick-to-develop, high-performance solution for iSCSI and Fibre Channel connectivity. The chip is designed to enable "bolt-on" iSCSI connectivity for existing Fibre Channel products. On-chip hardware includes a Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) port and a pair of Gigabit Ethernet iSCSI ports. Complemented by Trebia's SANPortTM software suite, the combination of SNP-1000L hardware plus supporting and development software is aimed at accelerated time-to-market.

"SAN industry OEMs are looking for high performance and rapid development, and the SNP-1000L delivers both," said Nik Bahram, vice president of engineering, Trebia Networks. "Its foundation consists of a SAN protocol processor and a TCP offload engine. The former supports wire-speed termination of iSCSI flows, and the latter minimizes CPU load. The resulting flow-through design translates commands on a packet data unit basis resulting in low latency and high performance. The SNP-100L delivers the industry's highest iSCSI results, packing more than enough performance to match Fibre Channel endpoint performance," Bahram explained. "And, the chip architecture and supporting software make development a snap, especially for adding bolt-on iSCSI to any 2 Gbps Fibre Channel interface. The result is faster time-to-market."

Narrowing the cost gap without compromising on performance
Before the advent of iSCSI, networked storage came in two very different flavors. Storage Area Networks (SANs) were based on Fibre Channel networks and block transfers. Network Attached Storage (NAS) used familiar LAN and Internet network technology but transferred the storage as files. SAN was the higher-performance, more-costly networked storage solution; NAS made use of economic LAN and Internet technology. The iSCSI standard made it possible to support SAN block transfers over LAN/Internet networks, reducing the dependence on, and cost of, Fibre Channel SAN implementations.

Trebia's SNP-1000L processor is designed to enable the Fibre Channel-to-iSCSI conversion process. The new storage network processor integrates a Fibre medium-access-controller (MAC), and two Gigabit Ethernet MACs. To build a system, one adds a Fibre Channel serializer/deserializer (SERDES) to the Fibre MAC, and two Gigabit Ethernet PHYs to the Gigabit Ethernet MACs. The SNP-1000L's 66 MHz/64-bit PCI interface simplifies its use in an add-in network card, and its SDRAM controller permits tailoring its performance by adding DDR SDRAM to the board.

"In essence, with the addition of a host microprocessor, some SDRAM, a SERDES chip, and PHYs, one has a complete iSCSI network card," Bahram explained.

Industry standard compliance and interoperability
Industry standards are well known time and cost savers, and the SNP-1000L is based on key Fibre Channel, SAN, and iSCSI standards. It is SANMarkTM certified and UNH IOL tested for interoperability. In addition, it meets all iSCSI specifications. Hardware-based accelerators (HBAs) built with the SNP-1000L are guaranteed to interoperate with SNP-1000-based gateways and switches, and other ICs that comply with the aforementioned standards.

Price and availability
Trebia's SNP-1000L storage network processor is available now in sample quantities. The IC comes with product-ready SANPort software driver and firmware, an application example, software development kit board, and application-level software. The SNP-1000L is priced to sell at $200 in 10K quantities.

About Trebia Networks
Trebia Networks delivers innovative system-on-silicon solutions that power the next generation of storage networking products. Beginning with the newly introduced SNP-1000® and SNP-500, Trebia is creating a host of processors targeted to key storage networking applications. Trebia's SNP products greatly accelerate FCIP and iSCSI, enabling storage networking OEMs to deliver enterprise-class features for IP Storage applications while reducing cost, complexity and overall time-to-market required by alternative solutions. Incorporated in July 2000, Trebia is based in Acton, in the middle of Massachusetts' high-tech corridor. For more information, visit Trebia Networks on the Internet at

Trebia and SNP-1000 are registered trademarks, and SNP-500 and PacketSure are trademarks of Trebia Networks, Inc.

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