ERNI Rolls Out AdvancedTCA Backplanes for Broadband Serial Communication

6/2/2003 - ERNI has expanded its backplane portfolio with the introduction of backplanes for the new AdvancedTCA (ATCA) standard. High-performance differential ERmet ZD connectors are at the core of the new ATCA backplanes, allowing them to meet the ever-increasing demands of high broadband serial communication.

The backplanes’ connection structure supports various state-of-the-art switched fabric architectures such as PCI Express, Infiniband and XAUI. The integrated redundancy features of fabrics, IPMBs (intelligent platform management bus) and the power supply circuits ensure highest availability of the systems based on these backplanes.

The backplanes are designed with dual star fabric topology, incorporating two dedicated fabric slots and an additional dual star base interface. In addition to the two fabric slots (hub slots), the available ATCA backplanes provide 12 and 14 node slots respectively. The dimensions are 426.42 mm (and 487.38 mm for the 16-slot version) x 205.95 mm x 4.3 mm.

Key Performance Features

About ERNI
ERNI is a global manufacturer of interconnects. ERNI was the first company to manufacture DIN connectors and today is the leading supplier of 2mm HM connectors and HM-ZD high-speed connectors. Recently introduced products include integrated Modular RJ-45 jacks for gigabit Ethernet, remote power and a new 10 Gb/s MicroSpeedTM family of SMT mezzanine connectors. ERNI offers world-class backplane assembly and optical backplane solutions. The ERNI group of interconnect companies is headquartered in Adelberg, Germany and has sales and manufacturing operations and subsidiaries throughout Europe, North America and Asia. For further information please visit

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