Ironwood Launches High Performance Sockets for .5 mm pitch BGA/CSP

6/2/2003 - Ironwood Electronics’ new high performance Sockets – SG-BGA-7014 and SG-BGA-7016 allow 0.5 mm pitch (Intel VF-BGA356L) BGA/CSP IC’s to be used in socket and operate without compromising performance in very high speed communication or computing applications. The new 10 GHz bandwidth sockets easily support very dense BGA devices utilizing a high performance conductive elastomer contactor. The contact resistance is normally 10 milliohms. The sockets have a precision design, which guides the IC to the exact position for connection of each ball and uses an aluminum heat sink screw to provide compressive force. The socket shown in the picture is SG-BGA-7016 for 13 mm IC body size. The SG-BGA-7014 and SG-BGA-7016 accommodates IC packages such as the Intel VF-BGA356L, 0.5 mm pitch, 24X24 arrays. This package, VF-BGA356L (Intel Xscale Processor) is used in handheld applications.

These patented ZIF sockets are simply mechanically mounted to the target PCB. The socket lid is twisted open, the IC is inserted, the lid is closed and aluminum heat sink screw is rotated to provide downward force on the IC. IC guide with fingers precisely aligns the package. The sockets are 7.5 mm high and only 2.5 mm per side larger than the actual IC packages, minimizing footprint on system boards while maximizing system speeds. The SG-BGA-7016 is slightly larger to accommodate filter CAP’s near the BGA pads. The socket body and heat sink screw are constructed with aluminum to facilitate heat-sinking.

Pricing for the sockets SG-BGA-7014 and SG-BGA-7016 are $401.25 at quantity 100.

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