Kane Computing Introduces New Licensing Model for TCP/IP Stack

5/29/2003 - Kane Computing announced, a new licensing model for the bf3Net TCP/IP Protocol Stack for Texas Instruments TMS320 DSP family, which significantly reduces the initial licence cost for developers and for users who only require a small number of distribution licences.

The bf3Net TCP/IP Protocol Stack was designed to make development of Internet-enabled DSP applications as fast as possible. Making extensive use of Texas Instruments eXpressDSP Real-Time Software Technology, the bf3Net TCP/IP Protocol Stack provides unmatched ease of integration.

The bf3Net Integration Tool automates the entire integration process through a graphical user interface. The bf3Net Run-Time Monitor provides visual feedback on the configuration and operation of the bf3Net TCP/IP Protocol Stack. The fast integration and run-time monitoring with these state of the art tools can save weeks of development time, and get products to market faster whilst improving their robustness.

The basic developers licence, which still includes 250 distribution or run-time licences, now costs around 2,600.

Kane Computing are also looking for a limited number of reference sites, who if selected would be supplied with bf3Net free of charge for an agreed period in return for feedback on the product.

A bf3Net Starter Kit is also available as a low-priced, entry-level evaluation and prototyping platform for Internet-enabled DSP applications. They contain everything required to quickly start a bf3Net based project, including a limited version of the bf3Net TCP/IP Protocol Stack, the fully functional bf3Net development tools, a DSP Starter Kit for the selected target platform, and a communications interface. An upgrade path to the full version of the bf3Net TCP/IP Protocol Stack is provided.

Prices of Starter Kits start at around 1,200.

About Kane Computing Ltd KCL has been providing Image Processing, DSP and high performance computing products for use in industry, education and research since 1987. KCL started life as Sension Advanced Computing, designing, manufacturing and supplying parallel processing products based around the Inmos transputer. In 1995 it became part of Kane International Ltd and subsequently changed its name to Kane Computing. In October 2001 Kane Computing became an independent Company, Kane Computing Ltd. KCL are now regarded as the primary source of fully supported development tools for Texas Instruments series of DSPs in the United Kingdom. KCL provide a whole range of products based around Texas Instrument's TMS320 range of DSP's. This includes starter kits, development systems, application boards and emulators. KCL has a policy of continual improvement and operates its business in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2000.

About Windmill Innovations BV
Windmill Innovations is a Dutch company specialising in the advanced solutions for the development of embedded and DSP systems. Key products in Windmill Innovations' portfolio are the bf3Net TCP/IP Protocol Stack and the bf3Scp Serial Communication Protocol. The company was founded in 1999 and its activities are based in Nijkerk, The Netherlands. Windmill Innovations is an eXpressDSP-compliant member of Texas Instruments 3rd Party Network.

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