Intersil Targets Keyboard, Video, Mouse Switches with Single-Chip KVM DRE

5/28/2003 - Many KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switches will soon be delivering higher quality video, better reliability and lower operating costs thanks to Intersil Corporation.

Venture Development Corporation - the leading KVM market analyst - recently had a chance to review Intersil's EL9110 Differential Receiver/ Equalizer. This silicon-based, single-chip solution will have wide applications in the global KVM market. VDC expects that the EL9110 will displace traditional KVM differential/ equalizer components in a wide range of KVM switch product lines.

Intersil's new EL9110 Differential Receiver/ Equalizer replaces six different types of discrete components in the dominant KVM DRE configuration with a single chip.

The result is a KVM DRE solution with dramatically lower cost, a smaller footprint and better performance characteristics. These benefits will have positive effects for KVM manufacturers, users and integrators. "From lower material costs, to simpler manufacturing and higher levels of reliability, the EL91110 solution provides KVM suppliers with a tool to enhance their products and their bottom lines," stated VDC's Practice Director, Chris Lanfear.

"The Intersil solution will vastly improve video quality over CAT-5 at 1,000 feet," observes Lanfear. "CAT-5 cable costs a fraction of coaxial cable at similar distances. Many customers already support CAT-5 in many installation environments. Users of KVM switches with Intersil EL91110 will likely see significant savings also."

The North American Market for enterprise-grade KVM switches is approximately $250 million, and is expected to reach nearly $450 million by 2006. "This KVM market - at least in North America - has proven to be one of the most resilient segments of the IT market. While some enterprise markets have been virtually erased, and many fallen more than 35%, KVM switch market consumption has held steady over the past few years. A development such as the EL9110 could provide an added boost to KVM demand."

VDC recently launched a new analysis of the global market for KVM switches. Further information about: "KVM Switch Solutions: Global Market Assessment."

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