Advantech Unveils EVA Chips with Embedded RISC Processors

5/28/2003 - Advantech introduces three development directions for its Silicon level platforms based on EVA chips with embedded RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processors; these include Networking Controllers, ARM-based Networking Processors and ARM-based Companion Chips. As a leading ePlatform company in the IPC industry, Advantech has invested heavily in SoC product development and makes it easier for customers to implement SoC solutions with excellent performance combined with hardware and software integration ease.

System-on-Chip solutions provide state-of-the-art gains in performance and efficiency. The highly integrated system design provides superior performance, low power operation and are extremely cost effective. According to Joe Cheng, Director of Advantech’s RISC Embedded Computing Division, “Advantech is active in developing silicon level products to strengthen its competency by leveraging its expertise in board and system level embedded computing platforms. The SoC EVA series will soon be implemented into several of Advantech’s product development projects, such as Arm-based RISC System on Modules (SOM), RISC single board computers, Smart Home control panels and Adam web I/O modules, to fulfill customers’ needs of all-in-one, compact-sized, fast time-to-market, low-cost, and high-performance solutions for various applications and functionality.”

Easy Way to Network – EVA-X1630C, Ethernet-ready Microprocessor
Advantech's EVA-X1630C System-on-Chip integrates Ethernet and RS-232 connectivity into an 80C186-compatible 75 MHz RISC microprocessor. This makes it possible to connect serial-port devices to the Ethernet transparently and cost-effectively. The EVA-SOM1630 is a mini-PCB featuring the EVA-X1630C chip, flash memory, SDRAM, Ethernet PHY and WDT. The Developer’s Kit for EVA-X1630C is a total development environment that lets developers concentrate on software and system development, not reinvent the hardware development process. The Development Kit includes a carrier board with the EVA-SOM1630 plus a development CD, including MicroC/OSII real-time OS, NexGen Ethernet networking protocol stack and networking services (HTTP, Telnet, FTP, SMTP), and Paradigm C++ Advantech edition evaluation tools for 30 days of free use.

ARM-based Networking Accelerated Processor – EVA-A930
Another development direction of Advantech’s EVA SoC is an Ethernet-accelerated System-on-Chip based on ARM architecture. In order to meet the fast growing demand for broadband services, Advantech’s ARM-based networking accelerated processor, the EVA-A930, integrates 3-port 10/100 Ethernet, PCI rev 2.2, and RS-232 connectivity into an embedded 190 MHz ARM922T RISC microprocessor, providing the networking market the best price/performance ratio SoC solution. The EVA-A930 employs a unique architecture, employing a Hardware Packet Accelerator, to enhance its networking performance. This Hardware Packet Accelerator handles all table look-up, packet classification/forwarding, output-queue management, and QoS service. It frees the processor from all operations required to classify and forward TCP & UDP packets, regardless of packet length, operating system or other system conditions. This ARM-based networking processor is designed to provide customers a high-performance and high-efficiency/cost ratio networking SoC solution, and can be applied to many applications such as firewall, router, DVR, net camera, and many others.

Add-on Value for Intel® Xscale – EVA-C210 Highly-Integrated ARM-to-PCI Companion Chip
EVA-C210 is a highly-integrated, ARM-to-PCI companion chip to the Intel® Xscale PXA-255 and Samsung ARM9 processors. Besides the universal PCI Bus Rev. 2.2, it integrates a variety of functions including PS/2, I2C, UARTs (RS-232/485), USB Host 1.1, RTC, 32-bit GPIO, Ethernet 10/100 MAC, and is suitable for use in high-performance RISC systems. EVA-C210 provides a cost-effective solution for applications in Networking & Embedded devices. EVA-C210 comes ported with both Windows® CE .NET and Linux drivers. By doing this, Advantech provides a complete hardware and software solution. Customers can also leverage Advantech’s Development Kits with H/W and easy-to-use S/W, designed to shorten their design cycle and improve time-to-market response. With its highly integrated functions, EVA-C210 expands PXA-255’s capability and utilities, adds value for customers, and is a convenient, flexible, and powerful solution for RISC systems. EVA-C210 will be phased-in in Q4 this year.Engineering samples will be ready for Beta evaluation in Q3, 2003.

Advantech will keep building complete and comprehensive SoC silicon platforms, helping customers strengthen their competence, gain market share and improve solutions to their customers. Check out the SoC website at

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