Advantech Empowers e-World with Speedy Windows CE Builder

5/28/2003 - Advantech Co. Ltd., delivering hardware and software solutions that empower the e-world, is unleashing our powerful new Windows CE BuilderTM program, a “total” Windows CE development solution designed to speed time-to-market response and ease development of our customers’ embedded CE-based projects. Aimed at assisting customers with pre-sales inquires to customized OS solutions and after sales support and service, the Windows CE Builder program has the flexibility to support customers at any level of project complexity and development expertise. Included in the Windows CE Builder program is the new online or offline Image Wizard support tool, CE-focused Build to Order Service (BTOS-CE) and Design to Order Service (DTOS-CE), Premier Account Consulting services and additional Microsoft approved CE-based training. Advantech’s Windows CE Builder is the embedded industry’s leading CE-based software and hardware integration solution.

Fast Customization and Increased Flexibility
Advantech Windows CE Builder has the ability to provide fast and customized Windows CE solutions. Our most impressive addition is our Image Wizard Online service which provides an intuitive browser-based UI that delivers a custom build of a customer’s OS in three days or less. Based on standard components that are proven stable for particular target platforms, customers can select features from multiple featuregroups that give most customers a comprehensive solution that meets their application’s needs. Users can send the OS request online then receive a downloadable, customized OS in three days or less. Completely secure, this service lets customers retain full control over feature selection and allows for multiple OS images with an affordable annual subscription. Advantech’s standard Image Wizard (CD-ROM based) provides customers with ready-to-use, stable and field-proven OS images from our large database, allowing customers to easily select a solution by OS version and various board/system configurations. Customers have the option to install their logo and application together in one easy step. This solution allows customers to have a working CE OS on CompactFlash in as little as 30 seconds. Either way, Advantech’s Image Wizard service is the fastest way to get your Windows CE OS application to market.

More Specialized Windows CE Development Service and Support
Beyond Advantech’s Windows CE Builder, additional service and support is offered for Windows CE solutions. Our DTOS-CE service helps design customer device driver/system software for special projects. With the added design assistance, a higher NRE charge is typically associated with these projects. A special development task force is dedicated for each customer project, with negotiable source code ownership available.Our BTOS-CE service, which is similar in functionality to our Image Wizard Online application, offers customers a free evaluation build prior to subscription. Advantech’s Premier Account Consulting offers the greatest service and flexibility with project based support offered over a fixedperiod of time. With this service, we can help customers to implement specific Windows CE functions such as OCX, PPPOE, WLAN, device drivers and others, as well as debug proprietary software and hardware. Advantech offers Microsoft approved Windows CE .NET training classes as well as courses specially designed to help customers specifically focus on application development.

Find Out More Today
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