iReady Unveils Integrated iSCSI Controller, iSCSI Host Bus Adapters

5/27/2003 - iReady Corp., the leader in Internet protocol processing in hardware, announced a full lineup of iSCSI products, featuring the storage networking industry's first fully integrated iSCSI controller and iSCSI host bus adaptors (HBAs) - at less than half the price of competing solutions. The iReady® ethernetMAXTM iSCSI controller is the industry's first controller to integrate hardware iSCSI acceleration, full TCP/IP offload, full line-rate IPsec, and a GigabitMAC and GigabitPHY into a single semiconductor solution. The iReady HBA product family includes three product offerings: the IR-1011LC iSCSI Storage Adapter, the IR-1011C Secure Storage Adapter, and the IR-1011F Secure Storage Adapter for optical networks.

"One of the criticisms of iSCSI is that it is just as expensive as Fibre Channel solutions once a TOE-based NIC is added to the equation," said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst of Taneja Group. "Based on what iReady is positioned to offer, there is no longer an argument against iSCSI performance and cost barriers. iReady is offering a level of integration and unparalleled pricing that will set a new industry standard for iSCSI."

ethernetMAX iSCSI Controller Enables Unmatched Capabilities for Storage Network Industry. The ethernetMAX controller leverages the patented and industry-proven iReady hardware TCP/IP technology to provide storage networking OEMs with a single chip solution that achieves an unprecedented level of price and performance in the iSCSI and Gigabit Ethernet markets. The ethernetMAX controller is redefining the HBA storage market by providing the lowest entry price point for iSCSI, IPsec, and full transport offload engine (TOE) HBAs. OEMs now have the option of simply upgrading their current Gigabit Ethernet strategy with the ethernetMAX controller, rather than face a more complex decision of when to add an expensive iSCSI adapter to their product lines.

"With the size and complexity of our global corporate network, we realized that National would benefit most by using both fiber channel and iSCSI; fiber channel is ideal for the campus environment; iSCSI is an ideal IP for long distance SANs," said Ulrich J. Seif, senior vice president and chief information officer of National Semiconductor and featured speaker at last month's Storage Network World. "iReady's iSCSI HBA solution is well-positioned to provide corporations like National with a rich iSCSI feature set, while allowing these corporations to maintain their existing Ethernet infrastructure."

ethernetMAX Key Features

iReady HBAs - Addressing Architectural Requirements Today and Beyond
Using a highly integrated approach, iReady delivers the technology to achieve line-rate Gigabit Ethernet performance today while providing built-in scalability for tomorrow's storage networking performance environments. With the ethernetMAX controller fully integrated on iReady HBAs, companies can leverage their existing Ethernet infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of proprietary storage networks. "With the advent of gigabit speeds, the use of Ethernet technologies is rapidly evolving to enable transport offload, IPsec, and iSCSI - key technologies that will enable the next-generation capabilities users require to take full advantage of their existing Ethernet networks," said Ryo Koyama, co-founder and CEO of iReady. "With our ethernetMAX controller and iReady HBAs, iReady removes the technology obstacles and cost barriers by providing storage networking end users and OEMs with the most complete, integrated iSCSI solutions."

iReady iSCSI Storage Adapter Features

iReady is also offering the iReady Secure Storage Adapter for sophisticated Gigabit Ethernet networks that need to support IPsec. The iSCSI target, bundled with the Secure Storage Adapter, is available for Linux on x86 and PPC platforms.

Availability and Pricing
The ethernetMAX controller will be generally available in Q3 2003 for $75 at volume OEM pricing. The iReady HBAs will be generally available in Q3 2003 at volume OEM pricing of $199 for the IR-1011LC iSCSI Storage Adapter, $299 for the copper IR-1011C Secure Storage Adapter, and $399 for the fiber IR-1011F Secure Storage Adapter for optical networks.

About iReady
Privately held iReady Corp. is the foremost expert in silicon-based TCP/IP stack processing. The company's patented ethernetMAX solutions provide highly scalable, full transport offload for ultra-high-performance Ethernet networking and the assurance of field-proven interoperability with some of the largest electronics companies in the world. The iReady iSCSI Storage Adapter and Secure Storage Adapter offer a one-stop, time-to-market solution for OEMs seeking to deliver line-rate Gigabit Ethernet performance with the industry's most integrated iSCSI controller and a full suite of iSCSI initiator and target software. iReady has headquarters in Santa Clara, California, and operates a semiconductor design center in Honolulu. For more information about iReady, call 408-330-4500 or visit

iReady and the iReady logo are registered trademarks of iReady Corporation. ethernetMAX is a trademark of iReady Corporation and National Semiconductor Corporation.

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