Trebia Networks Sets New Benchmarks for iSCSI Performance

5/27/2003 - Trebia Networks, Inc., a leader in the development of system-on-silicon solutions for storage networking applications, announced the results of iSCSI performance testing on the SNP-1000® storage network processor. The results of both 245,000 I/Os per second (IOPS) and 452 MB/second throughput set new industry benchmarks for performance. Of additional significance is the fact that these results are the first published with full iSCSI header and data digest protection.

"Making performance claims without utilizing iSCSI's data integrity verification features just doesn't make sense. Companies use their networked storage infrastructures for critical applications and data, and would naturally take advantage of iSCSI digest capabilities. Performance figures measured in the absence of these capabilities do not correlate with real-world usage in the enterprise," said George Harper, Trebia's director of marketing.

Data Integrity Verification
When stored data is transferred over a network, it is broken up into data packets containing "header" data that details, among other things, where it originated and where it is going. Digest protection provides data integrity preservation to ensure that both header and data have arrived unaltered in the transfer process. The iSCSI standard uses header and data digest functions to verify the integrity of header, data, or both.

The highest degree of data integrity verification is achieved with both header and data digests invoked. Systems can experience significant reductions in performance when supporting header and data digest functions. "We've seen IOPS and throughput drop 20 percent or more with other solutions," said Harper.

To provide data integrity verification without compromising the performance of the system, Trebia's SNP-1000 storage network processor uses hardware support - a unique circuit design called "PacketSureTM".

iSCSI Fills A Critical Gap
Before the advent of iSCSI, networked storage came in two very different flavors. Storage Area Networks (SANs) were based on Fibre Channel networks and block transfers. Network Attached Storage (NAS) used familiar LAN and Internet network technology but dealt with data transfer at the file level. While NAS made use of ubiquitous and more economic LAN and Internet technology, SAN has been considered the higher performance, more scalable approach. The iSCSI standard made it possible to support SAN block transfers over LAN/Internet networks, reducing the dependence on, and cost of, Fibre Channel SAN implementations.

With demand for SAN solutions growing annually, the iSCSI alternative to a Fibre Channel-based SAN gives users a significantly lower cost of entry with no compromises in performance or data integrity. The key is to base iSCSI SAN solutions - end-to-end - on processors that can deliver on that promise. Trebia's SNP-1000, with its hardware support for header and data digests, meets that challenge. In addition to enterprise-class data integrity, Trebia's solutions deliver integrated redundancy and full-duplex 4 Gbps performance.

For More Information
Trebia Networks has posted a technical note in downloadable PDF format detailing the SNP-1000® iSCSI performance demonstration and results at

About Trebia Networks
Trebia Networks delivers innovative system-on-silicon solutions that power the next generation of storage networking products. Beginning with the newly introduced SNP-1000® and SNP-500TM, Trebia is creating a host of processors targeted to key storage networking applications. Trebia's SNP products greatly accelerate FCIP and iSCSI, enabling storage networking OEMs to deliver enterprise-class features for IP Storage applications while reducing cost, complexity and overall time-to-market required by alternative solutions. Incorporated in July 2000, Trebia is based in Acton, in the middle of Massachusetts' high-tech corridor. For more information, visit Trebia Networks on the Internet at

Trebia and SNP-1000 are registered trademarks, and SNP-500 and PacketSure are trademarks of Trebia Networks, Inc.

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