General Software Embedded BIOS Powers Digital Video Recording Systems

5/23/2003 - General Software, Inc., the leading supplier of x86 embedded firmware, announced that March Networks Corporation of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada has licensed Embedded BIOS® 2000 for its digital video recording (DVR) systems product line -- the March Networks 4410, the 4310, and the 4210 DVRs.

Powered by Embedded BIOS 2000, these breakthrough DVRs employ a unique docking-station design that enables system installers and service technicians to efficiently install and support multiple systems at a customer site. In addition, the industry-standard PCI cards and a USB serial port make possible a broad range of system customization options. Multiple devices can be used in conjunction with the DVR, including alarms, switches, audio and serial devices, external storage units and network interfaces, for a completely integrated system designed for the end user.

"We wanted to select a BIOS vendor who could provide a solution for multiple processor platforms," commented Ken Maughan, March Networks senior product manager. "Embedded BIOS 2000 from General Software allowed us to use a common BIOS firmware base, and then use the processor support modules to customize for VIA and National Semiconductor targets. Another key was General’s responsiveness to the customizations we required."

"March Networks digital video recording devices are leading the way with customer-focused, high-performance voice, video, and data products," commented Matthew J. Schiltz, General Software President and CEO. "Their engineering expertise and our support of multiple embedded platforms is a perfect fit."

About March Networks Corporation
March Networks Corporation develops, manufactures and distributes innovative broadband IP applications and delivery platforms. The Company’s integrated solutions enable businesses to improve operational efficiencies and generate new revenues with enhanced multimedia communication services that leverage the worldwide growth and always-on, interactive capabilities of broadband networks. March Networks currently serves the financial, retail, healthcare, transportation, facilities and government markets with high value business solutions.

About Embedded BIOS® 2000
Embedded BIOS delivers a comprehensive BIOS development environment for x86 embedded systems. The modular architecture of the Embedded BIOS Adaptation Kit allows an OEM to support multiple, on-going BIOS adaptations while leveraging existing libraries of CPU, chipset, and board-specific features.

Embedded BIOS addresses the entire lifecycle of embedded products, from board bring-up, configuration prototyping, testing with system diagnostics, and product manufacturing to in-field diagnostics and software reload. Features include an integrated debugger; console redirection; highly configurable POST; graphical/audio POST; ROM, RAM, and Flash file systems; support for a host of industry initiatives; and much more.

Embedded BIOS supports industry-standard operating systems that run on PC-compatible hardware, including the full spectrum of Windows, Linux, and real-time operating systems.

About General Software, Inc.
General Software provides superior enabling firmware and world-class support for OEM manufacturers of telecommunications, data communications, consumer electronics, dedicated servers, and other specialized computing devices. General Software’s well-architected and reliable firmware products reduce risk, speed development, and address embedded OEM product lifecycle needs. For more information about General Software and its embedded firmware, visit, e-mail, or contact Davíd Tobar at 800-850-5755 or 425-576-8300.

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