M-Systems Delivers 5+ Million Write/Erase Cycles with Fast Flash Disk

5/22/2003 - M-Systems (Nasdaq: FLSH), a leader in flash-based data storage products, announced that its FFDTM product line delivers the highest level of endurance in the market. High endurance is a feature desirable for mission critical applications, such as military, aerospace, telecommunications and automation systems, where data must be reliably updated on an ongoing basis.

While other flash disk producers claim to guarantee 300,000 to 2,000,000, M-Systems' FFD products were shown to support more than 5,000,000 write/erase cycles during long periods of extensive tests. Because the testing procedure was manually halted after this significant milestone was reached, it is reasonable to believe that a higher value could have been achieved had the testing period been extended.

"Limited numbers of writes to flash silicon is no longer a barrier for customers using M-Systems' FFD product line," said Ofer Tsur, M-Systems' marketing manager for FFD products. "TrueFFS®, M-Systems flash management system embedded within our FFD architecture, provides true added value to customers by extending the flash disk endurance by more than five times the average endurance of other flash disks available in the market."

M-Systems' patented True Flash File System (TrueFFS®) and the special architecture of the FFD product line enables the company to extend the usable life of the flash silicon within its solid-state disks. Features such as dynamic wear leveling, on the fly error detection and correction and automatic bad block management have been contributing to the reliability and endurance of M-Systems products for almost 10 years.

M-Systems' FFD product line includes IDE and narrow, ultra-narrow, and wide SCSI solid-state flash disks. They are designed as drop-in replacements for 2.5" and 3.5" ATA and SCSI mechanical hard disks. All FFD products are able to operate at high altitudes, under extreme shocks and vibrations and at industrial temperature ranges while providing a maintenance-free data storage solution.

M-Systems' FFD IDE and SCSI flash disks with endurance rated at over 5,000,000 write/erase cycles are available now. Please contact your M-Systems representative for purchase information.

More Information About M-Systems' IDE/SCSI Flash Disk Products
M-Systems offers a complete line of solid-state flash disk products in 2.5-inch IDE, 2.5-inch Narrow SCSI, 3.5-inch Narrow SCSI, 3.5-inch Ultra-Narrow SCSI, and 3.5-inch Ultra-Wide SCSI form factors. For more information, please visit the FFD section of M-Systems' web site at www.m-sys.com/content/products/FFDfamilyPage.asp.

About M-Systems
M-Systems (Nasdaq: FLSH) is a leader and innovator of flash-based data storage products known as flash disks. M-Systems' flash disks provide the functionality of a mechanical hard drive in a silicon chip. M-Systems' products are based on its patented TrueFFS® technology and target applications in a vast array of markets, including connected devices, mobile and telecom. M-Systems' products include the DiskOnChip®, DiskOnKey® and Fast Flash Disk (FFDTM) product families. For more information, please contact M-Systems at www.m-sys.com.

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