IBM Helps Developers Stay Rational with New Software Tools

5/21/2003 - In its first product introduction since becoming part of IBM®, IBM Rational® announced two new products and enhancements to its integrated software development platform to help IT organizations to improve their software development capabilities.

Rational's new products, scheduled to be available in June, help software development teams collaboratively develop business applications and software products and systems. The cross-platform solutions help organizations improve the overall quality of their software, whether building new applications or integrating existing software.

New "Architected" Rapid Application Development Solution
IBM's new products include Rational Rapid Developer, an architected rapid application development (ARAD) environment that makes it easier for software developers to build high-quality, scalable, enterprise-class JavaTM 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) business applications.

IBM Rational Rapid Developer makes the power of J2EE available to a broad community of developers by offering a visual, model-driven development environment that can insulate developers from many of the complexities of J2EE by automating development of the vast majority of code. Unlike rapid application development tools of the past, the visual modeling environment within IBM Rational Rapid Developer enables developers to build applications that have a strong underlying architecture, making it easier to build high-quality, standards-based applications that can scale to help meet the needs of the organization.

Expanding the "Extended Development Experience"
Rational has expanded its "Extended Development Experience" for testers and developers with a new solution, IBM Rational XDE® Tester, and with enhancements to IBM Rational XDE Developer.

IBM Rational's "Extended Development Experience" provides a seamless design and development environment by tightly integrating the IBM Rational XDE product family into IBM WebSphere Studio, Eclipse and Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET, empowering developers to work directly within their Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Rational XDE Tester, which is based on Eclipse and runs inside IBM WebSphere® Studio 5.0 and Eclipse 2.0, is a new test automation solution that provides functional testing of JavaTM clients and Web-based applications.

IBM Rational XDE Developer Plus, formerly Rational XDE Professional Plus, has a new debugging capability called visual trace that enables users to see application runtime errors and create associated unified modeling language (UML) models. This edition of Rational XDE seamlessly integrates with Rational PurifyPlus and allows developers to work in supported versions of Java, Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET.

The addition of IBM Rational XDE Tester and the enhancements to IBM Rational XDE Developer bring design and testing closer together, empowering development teams to model, develop and test applications in the same IDE. Together, these new products can help software developers and testers find and fix defects earlier in the software development lifecycle, helping to decrease a project's development cost and risk.

Enhanced Rational Unified Process
IBM has enhanced the Rational Unified Process® Rational's process for software development - to make it more configurable for a broader audience. This improved configurability means that organizations can optimize the Rational Unified Process to meet the particular needs of their development organization, each individual project, and each member of the development team.

New in this release:

In addition to these solutions, IBM Rational has released the latest version of IBM Rational Suite, including its market-leading IBM Rational ClearCase® software configuration management solution. Additional information on the new solutions is available at

"The new products that we introduced today strengthen IBM's software platform for helping customers create an on demand enterprise that is integrated and open," said Mike Devlin, general manager, Rational software, IBM Software Group. "IBM Rational provides customers with the vision and solutions required to help drive competitive advantage from their business applications and software products and systems."

IBM Rational is committed to supporting heterogeneous development environments. Its solutions support all major platforms and technologies, including Java, J2EE, Linux, Microsoft .NET, C, C++, and a number of embedded operating systems and languages.

Pricing and Availability
In the United States, IBM Rational Rapid Developer v2003 is $5,995 per user license, IBM Rational XDE Tester v2003 is $2,995 per user license, IBM Rational XDE Developer v2003 is $2,995 per user license, IBM Rational XDE Developer Plus is $4,195 per user license and versions of IBM Rational Suite v2003 start at $3,995 per node-locked license Customers with support agreements may request their upgrades at starting on May 20, 2003. Upgrades will begin shipping by the end of June 2003.

Prices for countries other than the United States will vary due to shipping and delivery costs, custom clearance costs, translations, and other factors. Non-United States customers should consult their local sales office for the prices in their country of intended usage.

About Rational Software from IBM
Rational software from IBM helps organizations create business value by improving their software development capability. The Rational software development platform integrates software engineering best practices, tools, and services. With it, organizations thrive in an on demand world by being more responsive, resilient, and focused. Rational's standards-based, cross-platform solution helps software development teams create and extend business applications, embedded systems and software products. Ninety-eight of the Fortune 100 rely on Rational tools to build better software, faster. Additional information is available at and, the monthly e-zine for the Rational community.

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