Customer Drops Radio Design with XEMICS' ETSI/FCC Compliant RF Modules

5/20/2003 - XEMICS' latest RF module reference designs have been developed so that the customer can take the radio design and drop it right into their PCB or build a separate module, with the confidence that the radio will meet FCC/CE/ETSI certification. This has been achieved through a strategic technical alliance with LS Research, who recently completed two other radio designs for the XE1202 transceiver, an ETSI compliant 868MHz reference design module targeted for Europe, and an ETSI/FCC 433MHz reference design targeted for Asia.

LS Research is an RF design partner and compliance facility working closely with XEMICS to provide powerful solutions for customers. XEMICS will utilise LS Research's excellent RF expertise and FCC compliance abilities to optimize the complete radio module for the XE1202. This relationship will provide customers with a robust new radio module that meets pre-FCC/CE/ETSI certification, allowing customers to reduce the design/development timeline and minimize the risks for final product certification. The 915MHz FCC compliant reference design for the XE1202, targeted for North America is in widespread production now.

The XE1202 can operate in both European (868MHz - 870MHz) and North American (902MHz - 928MHz) as well as Asian frequency bands. The programmable on-chip filters allow for dynamic switching between narrow-band and wide-band operations, without any modifications to the external RF front-end design.

The XE1202 can transmit and receive data from as low as 4.8kbps right up to 76.8kbps, RF output power can be programmed up to +15dBm (31.5mW) and the current consumption while in reception mode is 12mA. The on-chip frequency synthesizer ensures that the chip can handle multi-channel as well as frequency hopping spread-spectrum communications.

The XM1202-C868LSR module has an output power of +8dBm with receiver sensitivity of -111 dBm and is compliant to ETSI EN 300 220 and ETSI EN 301489 regulations. The XM1202-C433LSR module has an output power of 8 dBm and receiver sensitivity of -110dBm and module is compliant with ETSI 300 220, ETSI EN 301489, and FCC part 15.231 regulations. The previously released XM1202-C915LSR module has +11dBm output power and -111dBm receiver sensitivity. The module is available for $35 in single quantities. All three modules are available through Future Electronics.

ABOUT LS Research
L.S. Research has been a leader in RF and wireless design services since 1980. With a core competency of wireless product development, L.S. Research offers a broad range of engineering services including RF design, antenna design, software design, PCB layout, prototyping, product verification, and EMC testing. L.S. Research is supported by their sister company, L.S. Compliance, an accredited testing facility listed with the FCC. Together, L.S. Research and L.S. Compliance offer a complete solution for delivering wireless products to the market. L.S. Research works with you as a strategic partner in developing your product for the industrial, consumer, medical, telecommunications, and military industries. Working with clients from around the world, we provide innovative solutions to demanding product developments. Backed by over 20 years of experience and a full range of design services, L.S. Research can work with clients at any level to solve product

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